In the Sláine Miniatures Game, the Earth Tribes of the goddess Danu battle the decaying Drune Lords and the relentless Fomorian Sea Demons, over the mist-soaked Land of the Young, in a fast-paced skirmish miniature wargame. Taking control of a small warband of warriors, champions and heroes, players will fight fast-paced battles to determine the fate of humanity in the pre-history of the world. Recruit legendary heroes, such as the titular Sláine Mac Roth, and chart their successes in the Cosmic Battle by performing feats and earning boons.

The Sláine Miniatures Game, penned by Andy Chambers & Gav Thorpe, is the third of Warlord Games’ 2000 AD offerings. Unlike the sci-fi-infused ranged-combat that dominates Strontium Dog and Judge Dredd, Sláine is set in a fantasy world (created and immortalized by the legendary comic creators Pat Mills and Angela Kincaid) and thus is more concerned with the clash of sword & axe and opposing magics. Though aficionados of the previous two games will find a lot of familiarity in the broad mechanics of Sláine, there are a number of key differences that firmly cement it as its own beast.

Kiss My Axe!

The starter set, named in honour of Sláine Mac Roth’s utterance when bringing his favoured blade “Brainbiter” to bear, is the ideal starting point – containing scenery, tokens, cards and all the rules you need to play, including scenarios, advanced rules and profile lists to create your warbands, not only for the heroes and warriors of the Earth Tribes and Drune Lords included in this set, but many far beyond.

The Kiss My Axe! starter set contains:

  • 8x Warlord Resin miniatures with plastic bases:
    • Sláine Mac Roth
    • Sláine in warp spasm
    • Nest
    • Ukko the Dwarf
    • Slough Throt
    • 3 Skull Swords with sword & shield
  • 1x resin Weirdstone with Drune Priest
  • 2x MDF Celtic huts and Fences
  • 108-page full-colour A4 softback rulebook
  • 8-page Quick-Start scenario booklet
  • Full-colour, double-sided die-cut game tokens
  • 4x Character cards
  • 2x Unit cards
  • 5x Hero Feat cards
  • 13x Feat cards
  • 18x Boon cards
  • Plastic game tokens
  • 2x Six-sided spot dice
  • 8x Combat dice

Multiple Sláines

A blessing of Danu was placed upon Sláine that caused Earth power to channel through his body when suitably enraged. This would bring about a warp spasm, turning Sláine into a fearless, twisted giant of a warrior who could slay a handful of foes with every swing of his favourite axe, Brainbiter. In game, if Sláine Mac Roth rolls two special sides during a close combat roll, he has potential to “Warp Out”, and his miniature be replaced by Warp-Spasm Sláine, whose stat-line, though hardier, is a whole lot more unpredictable…

Earth Tribes Warband

The Tuatha de Danann were the tribes of humans that lived across Tir Nan Og, dedicated to the Earth Goddess Danu. Living with the blessings of the eternal mother they were at one with nature, never hunting more than they needed, never seeking to despoil or tame the lands that Danu had gifted them. Each tribe was fiercely independent, and often raided and skirmished with its neighbours, but their traditions also allowed for a High King, one that could bring together the Treasures of Danu and unite the tribes with the blessings of the Earth Goddess. When they were beset by Drune invasion and enslaved by the Fomorians, they needed such a leader more than ever.

Two boxes will be available; the Earth Tribe Warband and Earth Tribe Heroes. These heroes are:

  • 1x Queen Niamh
  • 1x Mongan Axehead
  • 1x King Rudraige with the Silver Sword of the Moon
  • 1x King Gann with the Flaming Spear of the Sun

Drune Warband

Sorcerers and hags, priestesses and priests, the Drunes are a mystical sect opposed to the druids of the Earth Goddess and dedicated to the corruption of the world. They serve Crom Cruach and other foul masters, and prey upon the weak to strengthen themselves. Human sacrifice, blight and decay are the rites of their cult, and their passing brings famine and pestilence. They ally with non-humans like Fomorians, Dark-Els and demons, and as servants of Crom have access to strange rituals that can bend time and extend life, but for the most part they are harbingers of death and decay.

Two boxes will be available; the Drune Warband and Drune Heroes. These heroes are:

  • 1x The Lord Weird Slough Feg
  • 1x Medb
  • 1x Megrim
  • 1x Robym the Dwarf

Fomorian Sea Demons Warband

A race of ancient sea demons, the Fomorians made pacts with the Drunes to drive the hated Tribes of the Earth from Tir Nan Og. Attacked from land by the Drunes and from the sea by the Fomorians, the Tuatha de Danaan were killed or enslaved, their leaders humiliated or executed. Those allowed to remain in their towns and villages were treated no better than drudges, forced to work the fields and hunt for the invaders. Tax collectors such as Quagslime would cut off the noses of those that did not pay their tithes, though the Earth Tribe people were starved by the Fomorians’ constant demands. Only when Sláine returned and became king did the Sessair and other tribes start to fight against their inhuman oppressors.

Two boxes will be available; the Fomorian Sea Demons Warband and Balor of the Evil Eye, a terrifying visage astride a vicious war-elk.

Pre-Order Bonus Miniature

There is in fact a third Sláine miniature: This is only available alongside pre-orders of the Kiss My Axe Starter Set. Sláine eventually rose to the position of High King, uniting the tribes beneath his rule for seven years, better to combat Slough Feg’s daunting alliance of Drunes, Fomorians and otherworldly Dark-Els as they assailed the Land of the Young. The miniature, in hero harness, is posed with three fingers aloft, representing the rays of power.

The Sláine the King miniature is only available alongside pre-orders of the Kiss My Axe! Starter set, and any bundles which contain it. Pre-orders begin Friday 11th February!

    1. Oh boy, why not focus on a few well-running games, like Bolt Action,. than such stuff onlxy a handful of people wil ever go for?

      1. So what stuff are you so desperate for them to release in Bolt Action that you think is being delayed by this? Just because you’re not interested in Slaine, I bet its more than “a handful” who are.

      2. Because 2000AD is a passion for a lot of them and at heart they are gamers, and realise not all of us like playing historical games

  1. This looks awesome! This is the first time I’ve heard of Slaine and the wild weirdness sounds too fun to pass up.

  2. Looking forward to it, am I right in thinking all minis are resin or is that just the starter set and others will be metal?

  3. This is very cool! Loved the comics since the first Bisley run. Please do some earth tribes with helmets at some point–these guys remind me more of generic Celts than the warriors from the comics.

        1. They are NOT 28mm they are 32mm and larger than most 28mm the thinking is thst you can’t morph other figures from elsewhere into the game and must use the range from WG…..

    1. I am sure that other Celts will be coming out that have helmets along with chariots and dogs.
      Still got my old Fantasy Forge Slaine miniatures and some of the Foundry range.
      Liked reading the post about the game and seeing more miniatures in the video.
      Looks to be a really good start to the range with what has been shown so far.

  4. So happy to see this finally coming-out.
    Always loved the comic series and i am really looking forward to this release.
    Roll-on the 11th ;).
    Cant wait to see what the different deals will be.
    Great work on all of the miniatures.

  5. really looking forward to this , 1st started reading when Slaine was helping the Atlanteans and the Daemon Elfric was the bad guy , with the Roman battle I first witnessed his ‘Warp Spasm’ great stories and supporting cast .

    will Elfric and some Orgots be coming

  6. Great to see Slaine finally make his Wargaming debut!
    First read the stories 30+ years ago! So many tales and stories whiuch can be told..
    Be great to get some campaigns for the Dredd, Alpha and Slaine lines which can be played through either as a small group or even solo?? Perhaps like how FFG did the Imperial assault games??
    The Drunes look spot on and Slough Feg mini pose is plucked straight out the comics! Great work!
    Looking forward to adventuring in Tir Na Nog!
    Can we expect to see some Sky Chariots….Shoggy beasts too!??
    Well Done!

  7. I hope that this was play tested a bit more than Dredd, which was a major disappointment following the excellent SD game. The resin miniatures are another negative, so not sure I can justify, despite having grown up reading the comics.

  8. Really looking forward to this, the Slaine Stories are one of the best things to come out of 2000AD. Some Cythrons would be amazing !! ( As would SJS and Sov Judges would be for the Judge Dredd Game).

  9. Do the figures come painted, does someone know? This is crusial information for me in my decision for buying or not haha. Thank you!

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