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New Update – October 2023

-Now includes errata COVERING the most recent compendium supplement, Wing Commander.

This document has been compiled as an official FAQ for Blood Red Skies from various questions and answers within the gaming community. All answers on this document have been edited by BRS’ designer, Andy Chambers, and can be considered to be from an Official Source.

Quick-Start Rules

Delve into the fast and furious combat of Blood Red Skies with these quick-start rules:

Wing Commander Downloads

The Wing Commander compendium is chock full of additions and expansions for Blood Red Skies, including a pair of campaigns which require a little bit of bookkeeping. For those without access to a photocopier, we’ve made the relevant pages available digitally here, to download and print at your leisure.

You’ll find the full rules for the Flat Tubs in a Bathtub and Air Medals & Iron Crosses campaigns in Wing Commander!

Flat Tops in a Bathtub

Flat Tops in a Bathtub is a simple mini-campaign designed to allow two players to fight through a series of games in a single evening or a couple of sessions. The system is loosely based around the carrier battles of 1942, mainly the Coral Sea, but with elements of Midway thrown in.

Each player will need a copy of the Operations Board, Search Map and Flight Deck boards, which you can download below.

Air Medals & Iron Crosses

The Air Medals & Iron Crosses campaign is designed to be a structured system for adding tons of narrative and depth to multiple, linked games of Blood Red Skies. In this campaign, you will create a roster of pilots and lists of aircraft for a fighter and attack squadron. Below you can download the campaign’s personnel and duty rosters, maintenance logs and squadron command records to print and fill in at your leisure.