Victory at Sea Resources

Collated October 2023

The official FAQ for the fast-paced naval wargame Victory at Sea, this document has been newly updated to clarify more rules questions from the ever-growing player base – it is an invaluable resource for every tabletop admiral.

Operation Pedestal (or How a Tanker Won the War)

by Nat Crane Brown

Operation Pedestal was the most important World War Two naval battle in the Mediterranean, possibly even the entire war, and deserves to be mentioned alongside the Battles of Britain, Stalingrad and Midway as one of the defining turning points of the war.

This series of four scenarios will allow you to replicate the feats, and the ‘What ifs?’ of Operation Pedestal using Victory at Sea. Includes four scenarios: U-Boat Strike, A Day of Air Strikes, The Attack that Could Have Been, and A Perilous Approach.

Battles of Narvik, Barents Sea and Empress Augusta Bay

by Richard Bax

These free scenarios add to the wealth you’ll already find in the Victory at Sea rulebook. Penned by Richard Bax, these new historical scenarios allow players to take on the Battles of Narvik, the Battle of the Barents Sea and the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay