For our 12 Days Of Christmas this year, we unveiled a handful of our upcoming projects for 2022 over on our official Facebook page. Here at Warlord HQ we can’t wait to get our hands on some of the revealed miniatures (and even whole new games)! Here we’ve conveniently rounded up all the reveals onto one handy page.

Day One – Bolt Action Sd.Kfz 250 Alte series half-tracks & Chinese PVA SMG Squad

Day Two – Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo Prussians

Day Three – Combined Arms

Day Four – Slaine

Day Five – Konflikt ’47 USMC M3A5 Pondskater Scout Walker & Chi-Nu with Compression Cannon

Day Six – Blood Red Skies P-38 Lightning, B26 Marauder & Gloster Meteor MK III

Day Seven – Black Seas Russian Ships

Day Eight – SPQR Germanicus & Imperial Roman Legionaries

Day Nine – Victory at Sea Littorio, HMS King George, HMS Ajax & Benson-class Destroyers

Day Ten – Mythic Americas Camzotz

Day Eleven – Black POwder Napoleonic Belgian Carabiniers & Line Infantry

Day Twelve

And on the twelfth day we order the top three anticipated reveals by the Warlord Community:

  1. Combined Arms
  2. Slaine
  3. SPQR – Imperial Romans

Sound out below! What are you most excited for, and what hobby projects are in your pipelines in 2022?

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