Francesco Thau is a longtime friend of Warlord and a prolific painter of historical wargaming figures. He often sends us pictures of his excellent projects – they never fail to blow us away. Here we present some of his recent efforts as well as a few of his pieces from over the years. They provide inspiration to us hobbyists of the highest order!


British Line Infantry
British Highlanders
KGL Light Infantry
French Hussars
Italian Grenadiers Regiment
1st Regiment of Italian Chasseurs-à-Cheval
Belgian Line Infantry
Portuguese Cannon
Prussian Landwehr Regiment
Lützow Free Corps (Built from Prussian Landwehr)

Other Periods

Pike & Shotte Landsknechts
WWII American Infantry
WWII Bersaglieri at the Battle of El Alamein

Doesn’t that just make you want to take up your brush and get painting? We’ll be sure to keep an eye out and share any of Francesco’s future projects.

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