The Epic Battles: Waterloo range is jam-packed with serried ranks of gallant soldiers ready to obey your every order and march to glory. Until now, however, they’ve been missing their famed senior commanders – but no longer! With pre-orders opening on Friday 20th May, the legendary leaders of Waterloo (and diverse campaigns besides!) will soon be marching onto your Epic Battles tabletop in glorious detail!

The French Commanders

Leading the Grand Armeé is of course the legendary Napoleon Bonaparte, newly returned from exile on Elba. Directing his troops are his beloved commanders – Ney, the ‘Bravest of the Brave’, Kellerman, hero of Marengo, and d’Erlon, who served France for four decades under every system of government imaginable. There’s also a fantastic ‘generic’ Cuirassier General, perfect for ‘what-if’ games or smaller engagements that don’t quite warrant such senior leaders.

The British Commanders

At the head of the Seventh Coalition’s forces marches ‘Old Nosey’ himself – Sir Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, the man who would finally bring Bonaparte to heel on the battlefield. Alongside him ride Sir Thomas Picton, the most senior commander to die at Waterloo, the Earl of Uxbridge, who lost his leg to a cannonball but shattered d’Erlon’s column with his heavy cavalry, and the infamous Prince of Orange, later to become William II of the Netherlands. Accompanying them is an excellent unnamed cavalry General – exactly the sort of man you’ll need to keep the impetuous ‘heavies’ in check!

The Prussian Commanders

Finally, the vengeful Prussians enter the fray, under the aged but irascible Blücher. At his right hand is Gneisenau, his ferociously capable chief-of-staff, along with von Bülow, celebrated musician and the victor at Plancenoit as the Prussian army smashed into the French flank. Not to be forgotten are von Zieten, commander of I Corps and later to lead the Allies into Paris, and Pirch I – not to be confused with his brother, Pirch II!

The Casualties

Warfare is always a bloody business, and Napoleonic warfare especially so. Tens of thousands of men became casualties at Waterloo, and on the Epic Battles tabletop tracking such casualties is vitally important for determining the stamina and morale of your units. These fantastic casualty markers allow you to do this in an immersive fashion; they feature a spread of different troop types for each army, and also include embossed numbers from 1 to 4 – ideal for when units really start to take a beating!

Epic Battles: Starter Armies

New to Epic Battles: Waterloo? Our three starter army boxes are each an ideal starting point to start exploring this most pivotal period of military history by way of tabletop wargaming. Each comes stacked with miniatures, an MDF scenery piece and a Waterloo-flavoured A5 softback rulebook.

  1. Nice commanders.Any chance of telling us the release date or giving us the opportunity to add them to our Prussian pre orders so that we can save postage?

  2. Hi Marcus,
    in the photo behind the french commanders there are the horse grenadiers of the guard.
    Are the next forces?

  3. Lovely figures but how do I justify paying around $100A for 15 tiny command figures? Will have to have a good long think about how much they will add to the game.

  4. Hi Marcus,
    to be truly a complete Epic Waterloo, are still missing:
    – french guard cavalry.
    – dutch-belgian, nassau and brunswickers forces.
    Will they be produced?
    It would be a “disaster” not to have them.

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