In the wake of the release of our two Black Powder Epic Battles releases, The Waterloo Campaign and American Civil War, we’ve been incredibly excited to see what the Warlord Community can do with the miniatures, and we have not been disappointed!

These photos all come to us from Paul Mackay, who, rather than produce full armies, has dabbled with various sprues and produced some spectacular individual units!

American Civil War Confederates

Produced using the ACW Confederate Brigade plastic sprue.

These American Civil War infantry have been painted up as a Texan Confederate Regiment.
Accompanying Confederate cannon.

Napoleonic British

Produced using the British Infantry Brigade and British Heavy Cavalry Brigade plastic sprues.

1st Regiment of Life Guards, 1st Regiment of Dragoons and the Scots Greys – made using the contents of a single British Heavy Cavalry sprue.
1st Regiment of Life Guards Officer
British Mounted Brigade Commander (mounted on a 2mm deep MDF base)

Napoleonic Prussian

Produced using the Prussian Infantry Brigade sprue.

Prussian Line Infantry painted as the 10th Line Infantry Regiment
Prussian Mounted Brigade Commander
Prussian Artillery

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