Since the relatively recent release of our new Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo range, we’ve seen a veritable smorgasboard of awesome painting from our glorious Warlord Community. To celebrate this outpouring of hobby passion, we’re holding an Epic Battles: Waterloo painting competition! Read on for prize support and to find out how you can enter…

Categories are:

Best Painted Unit

The entrants in this category will need to display a cohesive looking unit, it also needs to be a game legal section/regiment. This can be infantry / cavalry or complete battery.

Best Diorama Category

Your diorama submission will be judged as a whole, with a greater emphasis on how each of the miniatures will fit and match within the scene, so the idea and the execution is almost as important as the paint job itself!

Best Painted Brigade

As you may expect, this category is about showing off your game legal brigade. This force can be of any size above the relevant minimum brigade restrictions.


For each of these categories the prizes will be as follows :

1st – Epic Prussian Infantry or Cavalry Box set (on release)
2nd – £10 Voucher
3rd – £5 Voucher

Best painted overall will win an Epic Waterloo PRUSSIAN STARTER ARMY! (on release)

The Summer Offensive Painting, Competition rules Q&A:

  1. When does it run?
    A. Now through until the deadline of 23:59 GMT Monday, April 18th.
  2. How do I enter?
    A. You can enter either by tagging warlord games on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter using the #marchintospring or email:
  3. What can I use?
    A. All miniatures must be from the current Warlord Games Epic Waterloo Range
  4. How many miniatures can I use?
    A. Please refer to the information outlined in each of the categories above.
  5. What games system or period can I enter for each of the categories?
    A. You can only enter figures from our Epic Waterloo Range
  6. Can I use a converted model?
    A. Yes – as long as the majority of the miniature is from the Warlord Games range, you can convert it to your heart’s content.
  7. What constitutes a painted model?
    A. The models must have at least 3 different colours of paint on them, their bases need to be finished appropriately (ideally painted and/or sculptured).
  8. How many times can I enter?
    A. This contest is limited to a single entry per category per person.
  9. Can I show my progress to the world?
    A. Yes please do! By all means post a Project Log over on the Warlord Forum, or on the Warlord Games Facebook page to post updates & keep up to date.
  10. Who’s judging the entries?
    A. All of the entries will be gathered together and presented to the Warlord studio painting team with final arbitration by the head of the studio Mr Paul Sawyer.
  11. When will the victors be announced?
    A. The worthy winners will be announced in a Warlord Newsletter Wednesday 20th April.

Good Luck!

  1. Wish it was a speed painting competition =) I have seen excellent stuff out there that rivals 28mm…but this being epic and 1000s of figures I can’t spend that much time for just one unit! Good luck everyone!

    1. Hi Rhys, Apologies we needed a little extra time to sift through the entries. Some of us didn’t account for Bank holidays here in the UK! The results will be published by Wednesday 27th.

      1. No need to apologize, we were just wondering… a few more days of anticipation is but a little more excitement!

        Thanks for the update.

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