For eight years, Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin have worked together to design, manufacture and distribute the alternative history WWII game, Konflikt ’47. During that time the range has grown well, as has the passionate player base. 

To unlock the potential of the game and range, Warlord Games have purchased the game, existing range and intellectual property from Clockwork Goblin.  

Warlord Games’ Head of Product Design & Marketing, Paul Sawyer says “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping bring the Konflikt 47 game to gamers around the world and the opportunity to take the game to the next level is one we are very excited about. Our thanks go to Aitch, Chris and Ben at Clockwork Goblin for creating this great game despite having day jobs. They now pass the baton on to us at Warlord Games. Making high-quality games and figures is our business and we plan to commit much more resource to Konflikt ’47 as a result.”

Chris Hale of Clockwork Goblin says “Whilst it was a tough decision to step back from the game we have poured a lot of our time into, K47’s enormous potential demands a level of resource that Warlord Games are very well placed to provide. After 8 years of collaboration, we remain extremely proud of our achievements and know that the game will grow to new heights with increased energy and support. A huge thank you to all the fans of the game, you’ve made a spark of an idea into a living breathing game with a bright future.”

Plans are being currently being developed for new releases for Konflikt ’47 – keep an eye on the Warlord Games email newsletter and social media pages to find out more as it is announced.

What is Konflikt ’47?

Konflikt ’47 is a standalone game based upon the award-winning Bolt Action rules system. It is based within an alternate history, where rift-signals resulting from the first nuclear explosions have catapulted technology into a new era of weird warfare. Deadly rift-tech-infused weapons reap new crescendoes of destruction, the earth trembles under the footfalls of gigantic walkers whilst DNA-enhanced soldiers ply their deadly and exceptional trade in theatres worldwide. Each nation harnesses its newfound discoveries in different ways, leading as much to the development of remarkably engineered automatons as it does to abominable terrors that curdle the blood of their battlefield prey.

Because of this, each playable nation in Konflikt ’47 has unique flavouring and aesthetics. Bolt Action players can easily use their existing collections, but Konflikt opens up a whole new world with myriad army compositions available! For instance, let a Soviet Ursus go berserk amongst some infantrymen, or have a Tesla cannon shred through a field full of Totenkorps (undead soldiers!) or even make some of your infantry almost impervious to small arms fire, becoming super soldiers.

Learn more about how to get started with Konflikt ’47 here »

      1. Yeah, but does it mean “Warlord is going to sell 15mm K47 minis” or does it mean “And so we cancelled the 15mm stuff”?

        1. What a great question. With only one 15mm product on the webstore, the question is whether they see this as another expansion opportunity or if that one product is indicative of an anti 15mm attitude. We will soon see.

          1. So far, we haven’t seen anything, and Clockwork Goblin had a dozen or more 15mm releases before the corporate takeover. 15mm is much more budget and gamer-friendly. Can we have those 15mm miniatures continued, please?

    1. I hope they add rules, to develop custom mechs. (Allow the use non k47 mech models example Dust) i have already been doing it homebrew, but official would be nice, or even add units specificly from inside the rifts.

    2. I would love to see the world licenced to novel writers along with campaign books, maybe meshed with BA releases too.

  1. Awesome!! I’ve been wondering how K47 was doing since there hasn’t really been any releases lately. It’s one of the few wargames I’ve managed to get my wife to play with me (She plays Brits and goes super robot-heavy) so I hope it is able to thrive now under its new ownership. 🙂

  2. This sounds like VERY interesting news.

    Should we expect updated release of the corerules and supplements into one rules book with all fixed errata?

    We shall wait and see.

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