Stop the presses! The results are in! The war is over! Operation Critical Hit, our global campaign for Bolt Action, Blood Red Skies, and Victory at Sea, has concluded, and the winner is…

The Allies!

Congratulations to the victorious Allied side, who walked away with a 60% win overall – let’s break down how they managed it!

NB. The greater the number on a given hex, the greater the margin of victory, with blue hexes denoting Allied-controlled zones, and red hexes Axis-controlled. Where we refer to percentages these relate to the proportion of hexes controlled within a given theatre.

North-West Europe
Eastern Front

The Axis took a bit of a kicking in North-West Europe, managing only 15% on that front, while things went similarly poorly in the Mediterranean, with the Allies taking 71%. It wasn’t all one-way traffic, however, as the Axis managed wins in both the Eastern Front and the Pacific, but at only 62% and 56% respectively they weren’t quite enough to turn the tide.

The breakdown by game system provided us with some fascinating data. With a whopping 282 reported games in Week Five alone, there was plenty to dig into. Let’s look at how it all shook out!

Bolt Action

50/50! On the ground it was a dead heat, literally too close to call! With the most games played overall, we didn’t expect it to go all the way down to the wire, but thanks to some hard-fought wins on both sides that’s exactly what happened.

Blood Red Skies

66% of victories to the Allies. In the skies, the Allies were able to gather a 2/3 victory across all four theatres, despite some Axis heroics over the Eastern Front, making Blood Red Skies their most dominant format overall.

Victory at Sea

56% of victories to the Allies. The naval war was much closer, with the Allies just edging out a crucial victory at the eleventh hour. This was the one area where the Axis could have potentially swung the campaign in their favour with a strong showing, but the Allied fleets were just too well-led!

And there you have it! All of us here at Warlord Games HQ have been watching the progress of Operation Critical Hit with interest (from the safety of our command post, of course!), and we have to say – well played and thank you to everyone who took part! It wouldn’t be a global campaign without players from all over the world, and you (yes, you!) rose to the challenge superbly! We’ll be featuring more of your War Stories in an upcoming article, and for those Axis players itching for another chance at victory… don’t worry! There’ll be more global campaigns coming in future.

For now, though… Troops, dismissed! Fall out!

Redcap, Corps of Military Police – Campaign Special Figure

As our global campaign has reached its epic conclusion, so too must we say goodbye to the campaign’s special figure. Redcap, Corps of Military Police is available free when purchasing any selected WWII-based starter sets until 24/09/2023, at which point he will retire to the barracks. It’s your last chance to get a hold of this magnificently moustachioed military policeman!

  1. This is an excellent idea! I wish I could have participated here. I just missed it. Sorry we couldn’t help.
    Count us in next time.

    Shawn Bagley

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