With the Axis Powers ejected from North Africa, the Western Allies look to take the fight to the “soft underbelly” of Europe – Italy. This campaign supplement for Bolt Action focuses on Operation Husky, the airborne and naval invasion of Sicily, the hard-fought battles in the villages and rugged mountain passes of that island, and the advance up the Italian Peninsula towards Rome. With a host of scenarios, new units, special rules & theatre selectors, this new book contains everything players will need to refight these important battles in defence of the Regno d’Italia or to strike at the weak link of Axis Europe to knock Italy out of the war.

The Campaign

This book hones in on the first six months of the strike into Italy, from the eve of Operation Husky in July 1943 to the assault on the Winter Line in December 1943. These operations were the catalyst that led to not only the downfall of Mussolini’s new Roman Empire, but the protracted 22 months the Allies would subsequently undergo in a divided Italy. A future campaign supplement will explore the final 16 months of the campaign in Italy.

The campaign is presented in sections – each with extensive historical context along with a handful of scenarios to refight the most famed battles of this period of the war.


Operation Husky:

  • Scenario 1: Biazza Ridge
  • Scenario 2: Storming the Pig’s Snout
  • Scenario 3: In the Streets of Gela
  • Scenario 4: Primosole Bridge

The Race for Messina:

  • Scenario 5: Escape from Troina

The Invasion of Italy:

  • Scenario 6: Delay the Enemy
  • Scenario 7: Tanks on the Beach!
  • Scenario 8: Montecorvino Airfield
  • Scenario 9: Standoff at the Calore

The Winter Line

  • Scenario 10: Termoli
  • Scenario 11: Mozzagrogna
  • Scenario 12: Monte La Diffensa
  • Scenario 13: Ortona
The British storm Montecorvino Airfield

New Units & Theatre Selectors

The Axis:

Following the defeats the Italian Armed forces had endured since Italy’s entry into the Second World War, Italian morale was in a steep decline. They were dogged with poor and outdated equipment and outdated military practices and had been crippled by the loss of some of their best formations in the North African Campaigns. To represent this state of affairs, players are afforded an alternative set of special rules when fielding Italian armies in Soft Underbelly’s historical scenarios, or when otherwise using one of the book’s Italian Theatre Selectors. For example, rather than use the ‘Avanti Savoia’ special rule in the Armies of Italy and the Axis book, ‘Defeat after Defeat, Followed by Impending Defeat’ is used. If, at the beginning of any game turn, the Italian player has lost three or more units more than their opponent, their entire army suffers from -1 morale.

An Italian column edges through a ruined town

Italian players have a handful of new infantry units to choose from, including Motociclisti Infantry, Engineer Demolishers (Guastatori), the British Commando-styled X Arditi raiders and Carabinieri Military Policemen.

German players meanwhile have the option to outfit many of their core units as more representative of the theatre, as well as the addition of Panzergrenadier squads forming the Herman Göring Division. The Fallschirmjäger had a heavy presence in Italy and were often called in to avert the direst of positions – earning the respect of friend and foe alike. As such, where squad compositions differ from other theatres, these are detailed, as well as the introduction of Fallschirmpioneers – who proved just as valuable an asset in their glider-borne assaults as they did in implementing demolitions and booby traps into defensive positions. Their pivotal role in the battle for Primosole Bridge held the British up for three days.

Fallschirmjäger stoically receive a British paratrooper attack on Primosole Bridge

The Allies

British Commonwealth players have the option of a multitude of nationalities to call upon, and any such unit will benefit from a specific special rule. For example, Canadian Infantry Sections benefit from the ‘Tough as Old Boots’ national characteristic, whilst Guards regiments have ‘Discipline’ – enabling rerolls of order tests (Armies representing Scots Guards can even include a bagpiper by way of the new Highland Officer unit entry). There are also new special rules and unit entries for Royal Marine Commandos and Commandos (especially handy considering the recent release of the plastic kit!).

US players are not left out. They will have the opportunity to delve into the exploits of The Devils Brigade (I.E The First Special Service Force), whose intense mountain training was particularly fortuitous on the slopes of Mt. La Difensa. The multinational Black Devils carried the best equipment available – units may be equipped with a Johnson LMG for example. They are not the only famous US troops to be detailed, as Darby’s Rangers, who led the way for many of the most notable operations of the campaign are detailed with full rules for their fielding on the tabletop.

US Rangers pour it on!

With a plethora of new Italian releases in recent months (and more on the way), it’s never been a better time to strike up a new Italian force or expand an existing one in defence of the Regno d’Italia. In fact, it’s super easy by way of our brand new Italian Starter Armies, one of which features those lavishly-helmeted Bersaglieri types:

  1. hey guys! will there be any force selectors or mention of the FEB in this book? i’ve been quite excited on seeing that aswell as options for the other multinational forces that fought in italy!

    1. The FEB didn’t arrive in Italy until September 1944, some 9 months after the period covered in this book, so I very much doubt it

  2. I wonder if there will be any mention or rules for playing the Italian Co-belligerent Army or historical information about them. It’s a very interesting footnote in the theater.

  3. I am really disappointed guys… you made a box set of the Buffalo soldiers and they played a major part in Italy, In fact I am bringing my Buffalo soldier Italian campaign army to the open day so would like to chat to the authors of this campaign book to ask why they have not made a feature of the 92nd Division alongside all the specialists mentioned.

    1. This volume covers the first part of the Italian campaign up to December 1943. There will be a second volume that covers the latter stages of the Italian Campaign – which harbours the possibility of a focus on the 92nd Infantry Division.

      1. I really hope so Dan. I will bring my Buffalo Soldier Army over to try it out if you do. That is if you fancy the challenge? I have them all based in Italian terrain bases and would relish the opportunity to battle with them as the army was only completed last month. I posted some pics on the Warlord Facebook page last month if you fancy having a look.

  4. Hi,
    Are you adding in the option for a CAPPELLANO MILITARE (chaplain) to the Italian units and the ability of the Italian light artillery to fire the EPS(HEAT) shell at a +3 Pen factor.

  5. I think that lots of Canadian players will also be very excited about the new rules for the First Special Service Force, given that about 1/3 of the personnel in the Force were Canadian. Are there any plans for Warlord to release FSSF minis? A 28mm Johnson LMG would be great!

  6. Just wonder if you are going to amend the list for the Italian 15/42 tank , at the moment it has 4 MMG’s and a light A/T gun, it should have 3MMG’s and a medium A/T gun as the shell case in the 47/L40 gun was 328mm as compared to 200mm of the 47/L32 gun giving the gun a much improved performance.
    Comparison between the 47mm/L40 and the German 50mm KwK38L/42
    The first set of figure for the 47/L40 are for plate armour at 25degrees firing Mod39 ammo.
    500m 1,000m 1,500m
    50mm 45mm 40mm
    The figures for the 50/L42 APCBC at 30degrees
    PzGr (Armour Piercing)
    Weight of projectile: 2.06 kg (4.5 lb)
    Muzzle velocity: 685 m/s (2,250 ft/s)
    100 m (330 ft) 500 m (1,600 ft) 1,000 m (3,300 ft) 1,500 m (4,900 ft)
    55 mm (2.1 in) 47 mm (1.7 in) 37 mm (1.3 in) 28 mm (0.94 in)

  7. Loved the D-Day supplements, all three. I look forward to Italy: soft underbelly and the second volume.
    I have seen no release date for the underbelly book or the pre-order deals. Do you have a tentative release date for the two volumes for the Italian campaign?

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