We’ve been hard at work perfecting Warlord Resin™, and we’re incredibly excited to reveal the fruits of our labours – Warlord Resin Plus™! This new formulation differs from the current Warlord Resin™ in a number of ways and we’re so satisfied with it that for the first time we will be producing miniatures for our most popular games system, Bolt Action, in Warlord Resin Plus™ (WLR+).

What is Warlord Resin Plus™?

Warlord Resin Plus™ is a brand new variation on the existing Warlord Resin™ which brings a significant number of advantages over traditional metal figures.

Feels like hard plastic – but better! Less flexible than its predecessor, Warlord Resin Plus™ retains the feel of hard plastic, but has a level of springiness that leads to excellent durability.

Easy to work with – Warlord Resin Plus™ can be filed, clipped, scraped, and cut just as easily as metal, and requires only a simple dab of superglue for assembly.

Lighter than metal – No more sore arms and bad backs from enormously heavy figure cases!

Enhanced surface quality – Fine details are crisper than ever before, and paint adheres far better than on metal figures.

No need to prime or varnish! Simply apply paint directly to the model – the new formula eliminates the need for priming and ensures a far more durable result.

Non-toxic – Unlike traditional resin and metal miniatures, Warlord Resin Plus™ has been specifically developed with a non-toxic formula. We still don’t recommend eating your models (although this plant-based resin is vegan-friendly), and advise working in a well-ventilated space exactly as you would when working with any other material.

Zero waste resin – In-house production of Warlord Resin Plus™ uses a waste reclamation system to ensure that no resin is thrown away during manufacturing. Unlike traditional plastic, this new material is completely recycled and re-used in our factory.

Design Studio boss Paul Sawyer’s definitely a fan:

Paul: As a hobbyist of some (more than I care to admit!) years I’ve worked with all manner of metal, resin and plastic miniatures. I like metal figures for the detail they allow without the compromises plastic injection tooling demands. On the other hand, plastic figures are often more forgiving to the hamfisted amongst us whereas metals can be prone to damage and paint chips. Both have their positives and as wargaming is a broad church there will be many who have a leaning towards one medium or the other. However, I expect that is all about to change…

Our new Warlord Resin Plus™ material has all the benefits of both metal and plastic figures and none of the negatives. It holds detail as well as, if not better than, metal miniatures. Surface detail is as good as on plastics. It’s much lighter than metal but has the flexibility not to snap when dropped or clumsily packed into figure cases. How often have we unpacked our lovingly painted armies from figure cases only to find broken weapons, missing heads, etc? That’s nobody’s idea of a good start to a gaming session.

The biggest bane of my hobby life is paint chips and paint rubbing off through use without several layers of varnish. All that time painting your miniatures only to have to keep on touching them up regularly after a game or two. That’s now a thing of the past – Warlord Resin Plus™ holds paint incredibly well and without the need for a primer undercoat. Thank the Hobby Gods for that!

This is very much my material of choice now as a hobbyist – it really is the best of both worlds and I’m really looking forward to more of our ranges (old and new) being produced in this remarkable material – my only wish is that this had been around for years! 

My painted metal and plastic models are side-eying me as I type this and I think I’m in for the silent treatment from them for a while…

Developing Warlord Resin Plus™ has been a significant long-term project for us, and we’re over the moon with how well it’s come out. We’re certain you will be too – try it out for yourself with the first Warlord Resin Plus™ Bolt Action boxed sets, out now!

Already got your hands on some Warlord Resin Plus™ figures? Here’s a handy guide on working with the material!

  1. They look really nice! Can’t wait to have them!! Are there any news or timeline for the Alpini? Will be they in winter or Sommer clothing??

  2. That’s excellent news. If these resin miniature are the same quality as the Slaine range, then we are in for a treat!

  3. Hi Marcus!
    When are we having these boxes 4 late war British, US Army and German Grenadiers?

    Why the evil Japanese (as called at Yalta when the Western Allies urged the USSR to declare war to Japan), have 4 dice instead of 3?

    1. Watch this space!

      The Japanese get an extra dice because there are two one-man Suicide Anti-Tank teams in the box!

    1. These ones certainly are! In future some may need to be cast as a couple of components, just like metal, but watch this space for further info regarding that

  4. Very happy to get this news! Great to see small bases. Please produce Late War Brits and Airborne as soon as possible!

  5. Are the new figures going to be more expensive than the plastic and metal sets? Will the current plastic sets remain available or are they going to be replaced by the new resin? I’ve been put off buying the Napoleonic Spanish infantry because of negative reviews of the resin used and the quality of the figures. Will they be produced in resin plus?

  6. Interesting, interesting indeed. I was wondering if Warlord would embrace thermoplastic resins to combat the utterly mental price of pewter ingots these last few years!

    I’ve not had a chance to get my hands on the harder formulation yet, so am curious to work with them firsthand. Soon™…

  7. Are all bolt action miniatures going to be in the new resin or is it certain ranges? If so how do we know which ones they are – is it noted in the description.
    The examples you show look amazing!

  8. Im sorry… but those Japaense look absolutely atrocious, and the rest arent much better at all. What is going on with their HANDS?! They look like mutants. That one Japanese Model has a hand on the rifle that is at *least* 5x bigger than it should be.

    PLEASE do not replace the current BA range with these.. these are not good.

  9. Cannot wait to order the USMC weapons team! Hope to see more metal kits getting the treatment! Is the mini random or could we specify say a USMC mini?

  10. Absolutely not my taste. I like metal for the weight. Will you change existing metal models into this resin? I‘m aware, that a lot of people like this. But as a metal miniature gamer, this are really sad news. Hope you‘ll keep the metal sets as well.

  11. Seems interesting. Hopefully this doesn’t turn out to be warlord’s version of gw’s “Finecast” which was anything but and generally despised by everyone.

    Are there plans like that was to gradually replace all metal figures with it?

    I know the warlord top brass are all ex-GW but it would be helpful to remember why people began to hate GW and not go too far down that path…

  12. Can you strip the paint from this resin without it going rubbery like most other available resins?
    Personally I like the fact that I can revisit (or just start again when i bodge something up) old metal or plastic minis and strip the paint to start again.

  13. I would be a little wary of claims it can be filed… I tried this on freebie test figure i received from WG … tried to scrape off mold lines, and also tried metal files and sanding sticks and still ended up with a fuzzy mess… I’ll be sticking with metal or plastic thank you.

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