Gather round, troops! It’s time for your weekly briefing on the state of affairs in Operation Critical Hit. Week Two has been a bitter contest, with hard-fought battles on all sides, and the fate of the war is very much in the balance. Here’s a run-down of the second week’s results!

North-West Europe
Eastern Front

The number of each hex shows the points accrued by the winning side, remember it’s three points for a win and a single point for a draw.

Though the Allies have retained a global lead, their week Two results were a little less convincing overall, with Axis forces clawing back a little on the balance of power. Though the Allies managed to maintain their dominance in the European theatre, the Axis managed an equal feat in the Pacific, as well as increasing their hold of the Eastern Front, and decreasing Allied dominance in the Mediterranean.

In terms of game systems, the Allies to date have won around 52% of Bolt Action games and 60% of Blood Red Skies games – numbers which are slowly falling. The Axis, meanwhile, have a 56% win rate in Victory at Sea. With three weeks to play, there’s ample opportunity for either side to seize the initiative and tip the scales. Every result matters!

With three weeks of the campaign yet to go, there’s still plenty of opportunity to get involved. Just visit the Operation Critical Hit website, register and you can join the global community in having every game result contribute to the final result.

Week Three Scenarios

US Airborne Medic

Bolt Action: Week Three brings our first Attacker/Defender mission for Bolt Action – Envelopment! This can be found on page 140 of your rulebook. Envelopment requires one side to get their forces off the opponent’s board edge… and the other to stop them! Bold attack and dogged defence are the order of the day here.

Week Two Victory Bonus: As the victors of Week Two, all Allied Bolt Action armies may include a free Veteran Medic armed with a pistol in their force for all games this week. This is over and above any normal limits on Medics, units, or Order Dice, and should help keep your men in the fight for that last push to glory!

Blood Red Skies: The air war swirls on with the next Blood Red Skies mission being Targets of Opportunity, from Air Strike! (page 70). Strike at enemy forces wherever they present themselves, and hamper their efforts to protect their ground and naval forces!

Victory at Sea: In Week Three of the Victory at Sea campaign, battles will be fought using the Breakout vs. Defence Line from the War at Sea generator on pages 54-55 of the Victory at Sea rulebook, as trapped enemy vessels make a break for the relative safety of the open ocean to regroup.

Weekly Victory Bonus

The victor of Week Three will have a useful advantage to call upon in their games of Victory at Sea during Week Four – six free Observation Flights, which are over and above any normal restrictions or fleet limits.

Reconnaissance overflights have shown us which hexes will be in action during Week 3 – let’s have a look:

Hex Map Key
North-West Europe
Eastern Front

Make sure to report your Week Three results by midday on 1st September! It is worth keeping in mind that for a side to be victorious in any given theatre they will need to claim more overall hexes over land sea and air, so it really is a combined arms effort to secure victory. Perhaps now is the time to expand your operations and gra a new army, fleet or air force…

Share Your Stories

Keep those intelligence reports and photographs coming in, soldiers – they’re vital to the war effort! Make sure to read the weekly intelligence bulletin too – “War Stories” is where we feature the fruits of your labour and highlight the best tabletop action you’ve sent in each week! You can also head over to the dedicated Facebook group to share your stories, but remember – careless talk costs lives, and you never know when a future opponent might be listening to glean some knowledge of your tactics!

Operation Critical Hit Special Figure – Redcap, Corps of Military Police

Equipped with a submachine gun, armband, and authoritarian moustache, our Redcap limited-edition miniature is only available through friendly local gaming stores that are participating in the campaign (a handy list of stores is available here), or FREE when purchasing any of our WWII-based starter sets from the Warlord Games Webstore for the duration of the campaign. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore a new theatre or expand your existing tabletop operations to land, sea or air.

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