Hi Everyone,
As you will likely be aware, Warlord Games has moved their website to a regional model. This means that we now have effectively three websites, one for the UK, one for the EU and one for the ROW.
As you know, the last 18 months have been interesting and challenging for all business. On top of a Global pandemic that has changed the lives of everyone, we have also had to negotiate the ever changing landscape of a post-brexit Britain.
In order for us to be as quick and effective at sending and processing orders as we can, we have taken the decision to split our websites into three distinct regions, which will allow us to better serve those regions and ensure that the correct processes are followed for the correct country.
Thank you for continuing to do business with us, and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Kind Regards
Karl Oliver-Kyriacou
Head of Direct Business

The Warlord Games store accounts are being regionalised depending on location. 

Warlord Games UK (Payments are made in British pounds)
For customers with a delivery location based in the UK only.

Warlord Games Europe (Payments are made in Euros)
For customers with a delivery location based in Europe only (excluding the UK).

Warlord Games Rest of World (Payments are made US dollars)
For all customers outside the UK & Europe.
Customers in ROW also have additional shipping offset that allows for a free product to offset international shipping costs.

  • Existing customers accounts will ONLY be accessible in the respective region of the store shown above (based on the delivery address of the most recent order).

  • Existing customer accounts on the Europe and Rest of World stores must be re-activated

  • An email will be sent to existing account holders to re-activate. If you have not received this email, re-activation can also be performed by using one of the following links :
  • If you believe your account should be in a different region, or if you have any questions, please contact info@warlordgames.com.

Additional information for customers outside the UK

  • Existing Warlord medals earned will not be visible on your account for at least a week.
  • Past order history will not be available for all customers outside the UK, if customer history is required prior to 20th August 2021 – it can be accessed by changing delivery location to UK and logging in to view old order history.
  • Gift vouchers, card and discount codes will need to be re-activated by customer support, please contact info@warlordgames.com.

How do you know you are on the correct store and how do you switch to a different store?

  • The Warlord logo at the top of the page shows which store you are currently visiting. The web address will also indicate which store you are on. The web address of the UK store begins with “store”. The Europe store web address begins with “eu” and the Rest of World store begins with “us”. There is also some text near the bottom right of each page indicating the delivery location the current store is set to. For example, it will say “Delivery location set to: Rest of World” if you are on the Rest of World store.
  • You can switch between stores by using the links near the bottom right of each page, underneath “Delivery location set to:”. These links allow you to change to one of the alternative stores if required.
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