Warlord Games are proud to announce that we have inherited a long-standing range of fantastic models produced by Trent Miniatures. Many will know that Duncan Macfarlane single-handedly saved the British wargaming industry and we look forward to celebrating this great man’s achievements by continuing his legacy.

Trent Miniatures is a UK-based manufacturer of finely detailed wargaming miniatures based around a series of major conflicts during The French Revolutionary Wars (1792 until 1802), including the French Revolution, the Irish Revolt and the Caribbean Wars. Trent miniatures have been sold over the years by the man himself, Nick at North Star and Steve at Arcane Scenery. The actual casting was carried out by many firms, Warlord amoungst them. Big thank you to both of these gentlemen for carrying this range, and their diligence in securing the production of these ranges for many more years to come.

Rey and David from Skytrex Miniatures are very excited to receive this extensive range of miniatures. From this week, it is the plan for Skytrex to be manufacturing and distributing the full ranges themselves as sensibly and quickly as a handover can allow. We thank the other parties for their help and splendid co-operation.

Please be forgiving if everything is not available on day one, Duncan’s ranges are quite complex to get your heads around despite excellent advice for Nick and Steve.

We’re hard at work making sure that we can produce and deliver the same amazing miniatures that Duncan designed and we, here at Warlord Games, will continue to honour a wargaming legend.

Range Highlights

To show off just how incredible the Trent Miniatures range is, we’ve picked some of our favourite items from across their extensive ranges!

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