Held at Huzzah! 2022 over May 12th-15th in Portland, Maine, USA, Bolt Action players were eager to get back to testing their mettle on the tabletop after enduring months of being unable to do so. Triumphant Return was the first Bolt Action tournament held at the convention since the pandemic.

Games were fought over some spectacular battlefields, some of which can be seen below…

Tournament winner Matthew Ranks holds aloft his prize – a copy of the new Combined Arms Bolt Action campaign game – congratulations, Matthew!

The final standings:

  1. Matthew Ranks FRA 13
  2. El Wheat POL 12 (1)
  3. Alan Tibbetts SOV 12 (2)
  4. Joseph F. Ettl SOV 11
  5. Christopher Rett ITA 10
  6. Dave Veret GBR 09 (1)
  7. Ken Lucas SOV 09 (2)
  8. Steven Kostusyk SOV 08 (1)
  9. Shawn Tester USA 08 (2)
  10. Scott Pulsifer USA 06
  11. George Webber USA 05 (1)
  12. Robert Schank USA 05 (2)

Meanwhile, Larry Irish ran Bolt Action intro games all through the event, recruiting the next generation of tournament attendees!

Huzzah! 2022

Elsewhere at the convention, there was lots of other Warlord Games action:

This game of Blood Red Skies saw valiant aviators fight it out over the Pacific ocean…
…whilst these ship captains braved the Cruel Seas.
John Elbro’s amazing Mega-City One table drew lots of admiration as perps and Judges clashed in games of Judge Dredd.
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