A superstitious race of warriors, native to the JX82 system, the skull-faced Sycorax first appeared in the 2005 episode, The Christmas Invasion. This episode was notable for a number of returning favourites (like UNIT) and long-term story arcs, but in particular for being the first full story to feature David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor.

Rose Tyler attempts to negotiate aboard the Sycorax vessel.

Aiming to enslave the human race and plunder the Earth’s rich resources, the Sycorax mysteriously coerced around a third of the world’s population to seek the highest points, seemingly poising themselves to jump. With the Doctor regenerating and out of action, it was up to his companions and Harriet Jones, Prime Minister, to fight back.

Luckily the Doctor awoke in time to deduce that it was all a form of hypnotic blood control and that there was no actual danger of the population being forced to jump to their deaths. Calling the Sycorax’s bluff, he challenged the Sycorax leader to single combat for the planet. In the midst of their duel, the Doctor’s hand was cut off.

Unfortunately for the Sycorax leader, the Doctor, still in the throes of a regeneration cycle, regrew it almost immediately, proclaiming that the new hand was “a fightin’ one”:

Our Sycorax leader miniature is depicted without his helmet, and brandishing a deadly energy whip. Sycorax strong! Sycorax mighty! Sycorax rock!

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