We recently put a callout to the Warlord Games community to show us your tanks! You certainly delivered – we received an overwhelming number of replies, too many to feature in a single article. Last time we showcased your Axis vehicles, with German Tigers and Panthers standing out as the most populous. You can find that article here. This week, we turn our attention to your Allied vehicles.

Andrea Bergamaschi

Cary Beshel

Chris Ellis

Frank Cook

T-34/85 – the worn winter camo is thinned light green paint applied over a coat of Vallejo Chipping Medium, whilst the snow is a combination of paint and various hobby products that stays intact whilst handling the model during games.

Harry Alderman

Jonas Fenner

M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer

Joseph Menz

Justin Ingham (Ministry of Miniatures)

Michael Baker

Nicolas Small

Nils Tamm

Ola Fredriksson

Oliver Ibbet

Soviet KV-1, christened “Baba Yaga” by Oliver.

Patrick Conway

Paul Purser

Philip Lai

Piotr Mikians

Queens Royal Hussars Wargaming Society

A27 Cromwell Cruiser of the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars, Normandy 1944

Tomas Zimmermann

Warcolours Miniature Painting Studio

We once again want to thank everyone who sent us photos.

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