Our stellar community consistently wows us with their painting and modelling. We recently asked you to show us your tanks, and you didn’t disappoint. We received an overwhelming number of replies, so many that we’ve decided to split our Community Showcase up into two parts. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we received far more pictures of German vehicles than for any other nation (you guys certainly do like your German big cats!), so we’ll kick off with your Axis vehicles.

Sadly, we are unable to feature all the submissions, but we appreciate everybody who took the time to send us a photo – seeing your models ready for the tabletop battlefield never fails to give us a kick!

Cary Beshel

Chris Evans

Christoffer Schou

Davy Apis (Lamplight Studio)

Devon Barden

Frank Cook

Panther Ausf. A – note the missing side skirt panel for a battle-damaged aesthetic.

Frédéric Barbancon

Fredrik Rydberg

Panzer IV Ausf. H

Harry Alderman

István Mészáros

Jeremy Olsen

Matthew Wright

Tiger I Ausf. E

Nicolas Small

Ola Fredriksson

Paul Barker

Panzer III Ausf. J

Paul Purser

Tiger II

Scott Bellerby (Panzerfist Miniatures)

Stefan Kraut (Krautwerk)

Timothy Ferguson

Tomas Zimmermann

Warcolours Miniature Painting Studio

Next time… your painted Allied vehicles!

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