Mongrol is a former ABC paratrooper, and the survivor of a botched drop over Vilnius during the Volgan Wars, a battle that was later nicknamed ‘Zarnhem’. Rebuilt to a monstrous size by the daughter of rogue robotsmiths using a mishmash of parts, he is now a core member of the ABC Warriors lineup – a true powerhouse capable of terrible berserker rages, his infamous battle cry “Mongrol Smush!” is often the last thing his foes hear before his gigantic power paws smash them to pieces. This monstrously powerful ABC Warrior is a great boon on the tabletop, and the miniature’s sheer size commands an impressive presence, dwarfing most other miniatures on the table!

Mongrol’s Origins

Robo-paratroopers were a unique breed of ABC Warriors, manufactured by Quartz Industries, capable of independent thought and action, unlike the Hammersteins. However, within their programming was built the unwavering commitment to do their duty. It was thus, at Vilnius, that a Robo-Paratrooper destined to become Mongrol bravely led his troops to death and destruction at the behest of his ‘floppy’ masters.

The drop on Vilnius was doomed to fail from the start, with a Volgan ambush by Yaks and Migs taking the heaviest of tolls upon the airdropping robots. In fact, US intelligence had already uncovered the ambush but the decision had been made to continue to operation regardless. The ‘floppies’ in command did not care for the survival of their war droids. The Robo-Paratroopers were simply “intelligent bullets” to the flesh and blood generals. The disaster would be an effective propaganda tool, to garner continuing support for the war and as a means to keep the general public in check in a state of fear too.

Mongrol did not share the fate of his fellow Robo-Paratroopers – destined to die at the hands of the Volgans. Both his main and reserve chutes failed and he hit the ground at terminal velocity – but Robo-Paratroopers are made of stern stuff, and Mongrol’s head remained intact, even whilst the rest of his body lay in pieces around him, irreparable. One other ABC Warrior survived the drop – the units’ attached Zippo (an enigmatic future member of the ABC Warriors team) who, it transpired was only there to eliminate any witnesses as part of the Phoenix program. Before he could finish off Mongrol, enemy Volgan war droids embroiled Zippo in a firefight, and perhaps with a modicum of pity, Zippo elected to lead the battle away, rather than end Mongrol’s life as ordered. Conscious, Mongrol’s head lay there for seven days and seven nights, amongst the wreckages of his former comrades.

He was eventually found by Lara, the young daughter of rogue Volgan robotsmiths, who working in secret, rebuilt him using a mishmash of robot parts – he would emerge as a hulking beast, but before Lara could activate Mongrol’s new power source, her home was attacked, and he was dragged to a Volgan prison. Inadvertently activated during torture at the hands of Volkhan, Ikon of Ikons, Mongrol embarked on a bestial rampage and escaped the complex, only to discover upon his return that Lara, the only person to have shown him love or affection, had been killed (it was later to be revealed that the treacherous Blackblood was responsible). His grief and torture banished his once great military intelligence, reducing him to a bestial state, until he was rescued by the newly forming ABC Warriors (ironically by being beaten by Hammerstein in combat, thereby coming to respect him), and convinced to join the team.

Since then, Mongrol has had many adventures both within and without The ABC Warriors team, with his undying desire to see his ‘mother’ again a driving force behind his desire to be good. Deadlock once convinced him that the only way to see heaven was to do good deeds (although he since rescinded that). In any case, Mongrol remains an important member of the core ABC Warriors Team, fighting to “Increase the Peace”!

The ABC Warriors primed and ready for action!

On the Table

Quite aside from the model’s impressive stature, Mongrol has an impressive statline. Though obviously geared towards close combat, he is no slouch in the ranged department with his built-in guns more than enough to make up for his natural lack of marksmanship. Up close his Power Paws combine with his almighty Fight stat to inflict a sheer amount of punishment, and even in the unlikely event they should fail to cause injury, their Blunt special rule will always inflict a Stunned result on the reckless war droid or floppy he gets in Mongrol’s way.

Mongrol is an impressive figure, looming above most others on the table, as do many of the other ABC Warriors. This image shows some of the new ABC Warriors to scale. From left to right: Mek Quake; Mongrol; Steelhorn; Hammerstein; Judge Dredd; Mega-City One Resident; Bolt Action French Infantryman.

Obviously, you’ll want to get Mongrol stuck in as quickly as possible, even with a high Resist stat, he is a Large target, and is easy to hit. Luckily Mongrol has a great tool to get him stuck in quickly – the Smush special rule makes his Charge double action more consistent, and allows him to ignore any intervening terrain – simply smashing through it with his great bulk.

As models of this size tend to do in tabletop wargaming, Mongrol is sure to attract a lot of enemy firepower, and even with the high Resist stat, he is bound to suffer from a Leak marker at some point. Mongrol is not one to go down without fighting to the last bolt. This is represented by the Laaraaa! special rule (and bonus points to players who bellow Mongrol’s warcry across the table at their opponents!) Mongrol will suffer no stat loss for the First Leak marker he receives, but he will become bestial in order to uphold his creator’s memory – from that point unable to take any double actions except for Charge or Hunker Down!

Clash of the Titans. Mongrol and Volkong lock huge metal fists!

The box also contains an auxiliary Robo-Paratrooper, straight out of the Fourth Great Oil War. Though unexceptional in terms of statline, Robo-Paratroopers excel at piling on the pressure early. They can always be placed anywhere on the tabletop during initial deployment, even close to enemies or objectives enabling them to put their Koch M129 Deliverers to best use, with their +2 Modifier at close range.

Also Available

Increase the Peace

This starter set contains scenery, tokens, Tarot cards, character & auxiliary cards and all the rules you need to play, including rules for combat missions, an immersive campaign system and profile lists to create your forces as you take control of the ABC Warriors or their Volgan counterparts. Will Volkhan, Ikon of Ikons obliterate all in his path or will the ABC Warriors, led by Hammerstein, succeed in standing firm during the chaos of the Volgan War?

Limited Time Offer – Signed Rulebooks

ABC Warriors The Miniatures Game has been penned by industry stalwarts Andy Chambers (Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Battlefleet Gothic, Blood Red Skies, Judge Dredd) and Gav Thorpe (Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Inquisitor, Judge Dredd).

Pre-order the Increase the Peace starter game, the ABC Warriors rulebook or the ABC Warriors All In Launch Collection during the month of November 2023, and your copy of the rulebook will be signed by both authors!

Blackblood, Ghengiz & Raz-Putin
Volgan Yaks
  1. Really pleased to see Warlord games investing in the 2000AD universe. The new models look amazing. Some more Dredd stuff would also be amazing (SJS Judges, Sovs, the dark Juadges) as would a Rouge Trooper Game (Please? Pretty please ??!!)

  2. Love the ABCs, ever since intro back in the day! Glad to see the rest of the ‘warriors’ are on the way but please can we have ‘straw dogs’ and some of the basic robo troops both united and volgan, any chance of some vehicles (or conversion kits)?
    My only regret is you’ve done this as a ‘skirmish’ game as it lends itself to a ‘bolt action’ type game really but hey, still chuffed to get it😀

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