Judge Dredd: Mega-City Robots

Most Mega-City citizens are generally too lazy to get off their backsides and do the menial work performed by these semi-sentient robots.

Robots have ‘AZI-MOV protocols’ forbidding them from harming a human. Yet, some break their programming. Mega-City One has been hit with two major robot-related conflicts. The first was initiated by the rogue ‘Call-me-Kenneth’ unit. A bloody campaign of extermination against the ‘Fleshy Ones’ ensued. The second was precipitated by the arch-criminal Nero Narcos, who unleashed hordes of Assassinator Droids in his bid to seize control of Mega-City One.

Despite these incidents, robots continue to be an indispensable part of Mega-City life. With Mega-City One’s population decimated by recent events, the presence of robots as a tireless workforce has become ever more important.

Judge Dredd: The Wally Squad

Me? I’m nobody. A ghost. A hole in the crowd… a big, fat zero.

There are some criminal investigations that require intelligence gathering, where the presence of a uniformed Judge brandishing a Lawgiver is not appropriate. For these activities the Justice Department has formed an undercover division known informally in the Department as the ‘Wally Squad’. These Judges adopt civilian garb and move amongst the street life of Mega‐City One always on the lookout for leads on criminal activity. If required, they will infiltrate gangs and criminal organisations on highly dangerous undercover missions. Activities like these are abhorrent to most Street Judges who tend to view their Wally Squad colleagues as necessary ‘oddballs’.

Whilst some undercover operations can be concluded in a short time, dedicated squad members have been known to spend years on a case, all the time maintaining a false identity. There is a danger in such deep cover that some Wally Squad members, such as the infamous Lenny Zero, have had their outlook and life values completely changed. Their beliefs have been sequestered by the roles they are playing, and many have ‘gone rogue’ working out of sight, but not out of mind, of the Justice Department. A Judge gone rogue can become the most dangerous of criminals.

Judge Dredd: Klegg-Hai!

“Klegg-Hai!, Klegg-Hai!, Klegg-hai!” This chilling alien battle cry has echoed across a universe of battlefields, heralding the arrival of the nightmarish Klegg. Mercenary warriors over ten feet tall and resembling an enormous bipedal Crocodile. The Klegg are utterly ruthless in the art of war; surrender is futile as prisoners are not taken – they are eaten!

The Klegg first roamed the streets of the ‘Big Meg’ during the corrupt reign of Judge Cal. So feared were these vicious extra-terrestrial carnivores that Dredd’s victorious Judges attempted to exterminate every last Klegg in the city.

Despite this, the Klegg are born survivors and small groups can still be found deep in the ruins and slum blocks, ready to fight just for the pleasure of killing or selling their skills to any underworld maniac prepared to pay them in fresh meat!

Warlords of Erehwon: Samurai riding Komainu Lion Dogs

The Samurai began life as retainers to the nobility and over time became known as the main warrior body of Japan. Initially, they were cavalry, armed with hand weapons and missile weapons. Hard hitting and superbly trained they were a professional force given many privileges as long as they served well. A well-timed strike by a unit of Samurai horsemen could turn the tide of a battle.

Komainu, or lion-dogs, are the statue guardians of the most sacred inner buildings of Shinto shrines, most often acting in pairs to ward off evil spirits. In the battles of Erehwon, mystical energies can animate the stone watchers as terrifying mounts for the most skilled of Samurai. Such warriors are a swift and deadly force, packing a tremendous punch on the charge. Fear the Komainu’s bite, for to be caught in its grip will surely see bones ground to dust.

  1. Oh my days!!! I am in love with all those Judge Dredd releases. This is why Warlord Games will continue being my first choice. Now to get more Canadians playing this game. 🤣

  2. Really great news, pleased to see Warlord Games giving some love to the excellent Judge Dredd game. Sov Judges next please! Also some SJS judges to go with the Kleggs would be good too!!! (Can we also have the rest of the Dark Judges???)

  3. This makes me want to play Judge Dredd. Holy cow those minis are great.

    How was the rubble effect on the bases done? It looks great.

  4. After several years, Dredd parts company with both Walter and Maria. Walter starts a business, then briefly goes rogue and starts his own robot revolution, leading Dredd and the second Judge Giant to arrest him. Dredd later assigns Walter a probation sentence of community service as house robot and caretaker of Mrs.

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