Hello citizen, and welcome to this Mega Travel flight to Mega-City One. Thank you for choosing Mega Travel; we know you had many other choices, and we’re pleased you decided to fly with us.

Before you journey to Mega-City One, why not take this chance to learn a little about this vibrant city and its unique inhabitants? This guide is full of interesting information and insights into the famous metropolis and its denizens, and we’re sure you’ll find it useful once you arrive at your destination.

Putting the ‘Mega’ into ‘City’!

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at Mega-City One is its size; it’s not called a Mega-City for nothing! Made up of more than 300 sectors, is HUGE! Believe us when we say you’ll have to visit Mega-City One many times if you want to see it all; but that’s no problem! It’s such a vibrant, exciting city that we know you’ll want to come back again and again and again!

The city is divided into a dizzying array of blocks, and each one of these massive, high-rise conurbations is home to thousands of people. These blocks are named after famous historical figures like Rowdy Yates, Ernest Borgnine and Charles Darwin, and every block has its own school, shops, hospital, militia and more! It’s just like a town … only more vertical!

The Fun and Crazy Citizens of Mega-City One

Mega-City One has to be big for a reason; it’s home to lots—and we mean lots—of people! More than 130 million people live in the Big Meg, and all of them are fun and crazy individuals … just like you! Colour is the name of the game when it comes to fashion, with every outfit a vibrant mix of bright shades and garish accessories. The most popular of these accessories is, of course, the kneepad. Once you’ve seen these stylish fashion accessories, you’ll be dying to buy your own!

And what about those fun and crazy citizens? From Uglies to Fatties and Simps to bat-gliders, they’re certainly a wacky bunch! They also know how to have fun; and with plenty of activities like powerboarding and BoingTM-ing to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find lots of ways to have fun too. For your own safety, however, we strongly recommend you avoid synchronised leaping as any travellers engaging in this activity will automatically invalidate their travel insurance.

Highlights of our Big Meg Tour

Do we have a packed itinerary for you?! Not only can you can look forward to a little legalised tobacco in a smokatorium, the weird and wonderful sights of the alien zoo and letting off a little steam in an aggro dome, but you’ll also visit:

The Grand Hall of Justice The headquarters of Mega-City One’s famous Justice Department, the Grand Hall is the highlight of our tour. Not only is this magnificent building surrounded by a plethora of informative memorial plazas, but it also contains must-see attractions such as the Hall of Heroes and the ghoulish Black Museum. You really don’t want to miss this one!

Fergee Memorial Statue  A moving tribute, the exquisitely sculpted monument pays homage to the hero Fergee, who famously sacrificed himself to rid Mega-City One of the tyrannical and maniac Chief Judge Cal.

The White Cliffs of Dover  Yes, the actual white cliffs from dear old Dover. They are now located in the Mega-City, having been bought and relocated by one of the city’s richer citizens only to be defaced by the delinquent skysurfer, Chopper.

Getting Around Mega-City One

If our packed itinerary isn’t to your taste, you can choose to do your own thing. If you do, it’s a good idea to get to know the transport system of Mega-City One first. The city’s meg-ways, skedways and zoom tubes may look very impressive, but there are lots of them. There are so many, in fact, that it’s very easy to get lost in Mega-City One!  It is so labyrinthine, in fact, that some families actually live on this road system, spending their entire lives together in one automated mo-pad!

And that’s just travelling in a vehicle! Pedestrians have a mess of pedways, zipstrips and eeziglides to navigate, and they’re all so crammed with citizens it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. With this in mind, we strongly recommend you don’t leave your touring party, and under no circumstances whatsoever should you visit the Undercity. A relic of the past, this benighted conurbation lies at the very bottom of Mega-City One, and is said to be rife with werewolves and Morlock-type creatures known only as Troggies.


We can’t talk about your tour of Mega-City One without touching upon crime. Yes, Mega-City One—like all mega-cities—is not without crime, but we want to ease any fears you may have about your personal safety.

You may have heard stories of block gangs, wreckers, jimps and organ-leggers, and everyone knows of Judge Death, Nero Narcos, Mean Machine, Orlok the Assassin and other legendary arch-villains of Mega-City One, but Mega Travel guarantees your personal safety. Our team of experienced and well-armed bodyguards will escort you during every excursion, and will maintain a 24-hour watch over you as you relax between activities in our very own nuke-proof hotel block.

Not only that, but if the unthinkable does happen, and either you or your party are the victims of crime, you can always trust in the absolute power in Mega-City One: the Judges.

The Justice Department

Mega-City One is protected by Judges. Exhaustively trained, they are empowered to dispense justice upon criminals wherever and whenever they may find them. Each Judge is an army of one, equipped with a Lawmaster loaded with the likes of armour-piercing, heat-seeking and incendiary rounds, and riding an armoured Lawmaster bike packing machine guns and rubber bullets.

Supported by omnipresent surveillance technology, armoured Manta Tanks and their psychic colleagues in Psi-Division, the Judges are the ultimate power in Mega-City One. They have variously protected the city and its inhabitants during the Apocalypse War, the arrival of Judge Death and his Dark Judges, the Day of Chaos and more, ensuring the city’s continued survival and recovery in the face of these catastrophes.

These Judges will also ensure your protection, allowing us at Mega Travel to guarantee your journey to this most famous of the world’s megacities will be enjoyable, enlightening and completely free of incident. Enjoy your journey … and have a mega time!

Terms and conditions apply. Mega Travel does not accept liability for any loss of life or harm (bodily or mental) caused by the breakout of war, robot revolt, alien invasion, cloned judges or the arrival of interdimensional entities such as Dark Judges, necromagi and/or demons. Please consult your brochure for more details NO REFUNDS.

I Am The Law

Bring the law to the streets of Mega-City One with the brand new Judge Dredd Miniature Game. Stamp out the gangs or stick it to the Judges!

Players of Strontium Dog may find a few familiar ideas within the core rules of Judge Dredd. This game heavily expands on those skirmish rules, however, to reflect the urban environments of Mega-City One. The Judge Dredd rulebook contains everything you need to know about playing the game and includes rules for fighting within buildings and using vehicles. As well as a number of scenarios, there are rules for developing your chosen faction in a series of linked games.

As well as a softback copy of the rules, you’ll receive 10 miniatures (in our new Warlord Resin); 8 block gang members and 2 street judges to begin your skirmishes in Mega-City One. In the box, you’ll also find a double-sided full-colour playmat and all the die and tokens you need to get playing.

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