Dave Barfield, HQ Store Manager, recently showed off his Cursed Earth Judge Dredd warband (watch the video below). We were keen to see what they could do on the tabletop and tasked Robin with bringing justice to these mutant raiders. They elected for a simple skirmish battle of 50 Notoriety.

The Warbands

Robin’s Justice Department

  • Veteran Street Judge (21 Notoriety)
    • Lawrod Mk5 (+ 5 Notoriety)
  • Rookie Judge (11 Notoriety)
    • Med Judge (+3 Notoriety)
  • Cadet Judge (9 Notoriety)

Dave’s Cursed Earth Raiders

  • Sky Raider Pack Leader (11 Notoriety)
    • Power Board (+ 3 Notoriety)
    • Spit Pistol (+2 Notoriety)
    • Knife (+1 Notoriety)
  • Sky Raider Alpha (5 Notoriety)
    • Jet Pack (+2 Notoriety)
    • Combat Rifle (+2 Notoriety)
  • Sky Raider Alpha (5 Notoriety)
    • Jet Pack (+2 Notoriety)
    • Spit Carbine (+3 Notoriety)
  • Gang Punk (3 Notoriety)
    • Laz saw (+3 Notoriety)
  • Gang Punk (3 Notoriety)
    • Pistol (+1 Notoriety)
    • Close Combat Weapon (0 Notoriety)
  • Gang Punk (3 Notoriety)
    • Two Close Combat Weapons (+1 Notoriety)

Note that all Cursed Earth Raiders should be mounted or have equipment that allows them to be airborne. We have thus elected to count the foot-troops as Gang Punks for this game.

Muties have the high ground

Turn One – Punks are the Cannon Fodder

Dave adopts hammer and anvil tactics – hoping to quash the judges with the none-too subtle instrument of as many rounds of ammunition as possible. In the game’s first moves, a punk, eager to repel the stoic silhouettes of the approaching judges, surges forwards – but in his eagerness the pistol shots spit too wide to find the mark. For his efforts, he earns a high-calibre Lawrod shot in return, but a lucky dodge sends him sprawling into cover, though otherwise unharmed. Perhaps being the first swing of the hammer was not all it was cracked up to be…

Muties surge in.

Seeing that their fellow was unharmed, but for perhaps a scraped knee, his fellows follow suit, eager to earn street-rep for felling a member of the Justice Department. This move might be considered unwise, as the lawrod wielding judge had successfully passed a cool test after his first shot, and thus would have another opportunity to activate this turn – indeed Robin unleashes a Suppressing Fire Big Meg card – scoring four hits on his attack and felling a punk that had overzealously sprinted forward – first blood to the Justice Department.

Enraged, combat rifle fire from a Sky Raider Alpha peppers the Veteran Judge. Though hit, Robin successfully rolls to negate damage meaning the Judge is only stunned. However, this also provokes the Judge’s Gunfighter ability – meaning he gets to fire another round with the high-calibre weapon (though at a -2 modifier)! Dave breathes a slight sigh of relief as the shot misses its mark.

Sky Raiders on the move.

The Cursed Earth Raiders use their elevation and mobility to try and ensnare the Judges before they’ve even had a chance to move into the battlefield proper. Notably, the Pack Leader capitalizes on a successful cool test to activate twice, levelling spit pistol fire at the Cadet Judge. Shaking off the inflicted stun, the Cadet fires off a snapshot that finishes off a wounded punk.

Turn Two – Closing Quarters

Closing in on all sides…

The Alpha takes the lead this round, taking a double shot at the Veteran Judge. Though this inflicts two wounds, he receives one in kind courtesy of snap-back. Robin errs on the side of caution and activates his medic at the first opportunity. Hunkering down, she successfully removes a wound from the Veteran. Enraged by this dastardly tactic, the Laz Saw-toting punk charges in and eviscerates the veteran. Things look real bad for the Judges, in their disarray – the Alpha takes full advantage and unloads his spit pistol into the cadet judge, incapacitating him and sweeping into a threatening position behind the medic.

The Mega-City One Laz Saw Massacre!

In a desperate bid for survival, Robin pulls out the Playing Dead Big Meg card, reviving the Cadet Judge from the brink, and plots his revenge against the crazed punk, their gore-splattered laz saw emitting a threatening series of screeches. It’s imperative that the punk be put down, but fortune does not favour the Justice Department this day, as the evasion puts the Judge in an even worse position.

Turn Three – Cursed Earth Raiders Descend

The Judges draw an action chip first this round, fortunately for Robin. Hoping to avoid premature evisceration before having a chance to climb the ranks of the Justice Department, the cadet fires point-blank at their attacker. The first shot – dodged! The second – crippling, though crucially alive and at least well enough to swing back. Alas, with a chest full of bullets, the punk is unable to fell the Cadet, who successfully dodges twice. Unwittingly, this brings him into full view of a nasty looking combat rifle, and the cadet. Pulverization ensues…

A Dance of Death

Only the medic remains, and Robin can only watch despairingly as another Mutie Action chip emerges from the bag; no amount of medical training can save her from being shredded by a spit carbine.

A resounding victory for the Cursed Earth Raiders, aside from the loss of a couple of no-name punks (and honestly, who’s gonna miss ‘em?). This was a swift and brutal game, serving to demonstrate both the ease of playing with just a small number of miniatures, whilst still having enormous fun. We promise – Robin was still smiling at the end!

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  1. That was a fun battle report,I didn’t think the raiders stood a chance keep up the great 2000ad work

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