Time for this Cadet to earn his badge! Young Giant takes to the streets of Mega-City One as this month’s Soldier of Fortune exclusive miniature.

The son of Judge Dredd’s longtime colleague and ally, Judge Giant Sr, Giant Jr witnessed his mother’s violent death as a young boy. Filled with anger and a thirst for justice, he understandably followed in his father’s footsteps, joining the Academy of Law to become a Judge on the mean streets of Mega-City One. Graduating at the age of fifteen, he grew to become an excellent Judge, blending martial prowess and investigative excellence with a friendly (for a Judge!) demeanour. One of Dredd’s most trusted Judges, Giant Jr certainly lives up to his father’s legacy.

The Soldier of Fortune exclusive miniature depicts Giant Jr as a young Cadet Judge – the perfect companion to a grizzled Street Judge, or even Dredd himself. He may be inexperienced, but he’s no slouch in combat, packing a standard-issue Lawgiver and the usual Justice Department gear!

Young Giant, Cadet Judge will be automatically included for FREE with all Warlord Webstore orders of a value of £50/$75/€60 or more placed during the month of December 2022. This is the only way to get a hold of this limited-edition miniature.* It will not be available for purchase separately. This offer only applies to orders placed between 00.01 (GMT) 1st December and 23.59 (GMT) 31st December 2022.

*Young Giant, Cadet Judge will be automatically added to all Warlord Webstore orders of a qualifying value (£50/$75/€60) between 00.01 BST 01/12/2022 and 23.59 BST 31/12/2022

  1. love to see new minis, when are we getti g more judge dredd scultps though? SJS and the remaining dark judges would be greta, hell just more scuplts would be fun too, I just want new ones to paint!

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