We recently launched the first of our monthly supply drop boxes for Bolt Action. Within each box you’ll find a bundle of great value hobby goodness tailored towards the monthly theme. Whilst June’s box is no longer available to order, we’re unveiling the contents to give you an idea of what you might expect to find in future supply drops.

Operation Coastal Incursion

The theme for our first box was D-Day, so we thought we’d throw together a starting Allied Bolt Action army along with some rules to help you get using them in the context of the D-Day landings. The box therefore contained:

A Box of US Infantry – allowing you to build up to thirty American GIs
An M7 Priest
A 30 Cal MMG Team
The Bolt Action Campaign D-Day: Overlord Book

The box contained approximately 50% added value against purchasing the individual items separately.

Using the miniatures.

With 30 infantry – including an array of customisation options (weapons on the plastic sprue include the M1 Garand rifle, Browning Automatic Rifle, Thompson and Grease Gun sub-machine guns, M1 carbine, Bazooka, Colt .45 pistol, fragmentation grenades, bandoliers and combat shotgun!), as well as an MMG team and a supporting M7 Priest, a Bolt Action army of approximately 750 points is entirely feasible without any additional purchases.

The miniatures are well suited for both the US Army theatre selectors found within the pages of D-Day Overlord (US Beach landing reinforced platoon & US D-Day Reinforced Platoon (Afternoon)) – representing either the troops as they landed on the beaches or as they pushed further inland.

Of course, the miniatures have much more utility than simply for D-Day scenarios. They are usable as almost all types of regular American line troops – from the US entry into WWII in the Mediterranean through to the war’s end in Europe. They can, of course, be fielded as other nations if you wish – Uncle Sam outfitted all manner of troops from his stores. These G.I.s could be painted as late war French (post D-Day) or even Brazilians fighting in Italy.

Future Drops

This should give you a taster of the value you can expect in future supply drops, so don’t worry too much if you missed out on this one! Look out for July’s theme to be revealed and on sale in the very near future!

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