MV – Anyone who’s visited our HQ store will know ‘Conor H’ – a font of hobby knowledge and an always-enthusiastic character with a deep love of wargaming. Naturally, I had to head to the tills and ask him what his favourite Warlord Games model is – and today we’ve got two for the price of one. Take it away, Conor!

CH – My favourite figure is actually two figures – they come as a pair! I’m talking of course about the British Snipers in Ghillie Suits. These heavily-camouflaged sharpshooters are absolutely iconic models for me, drawing inspiration from a number of period photographs, and I’ve been a huge fan of them since they made their first appearance way back with the release of Campaign: Sea Lion. One of my favourite things about them is their sheer utility and ubiquity – virtually every British force can use them (and I’ve made sure that all three of my British armies do!), and with so little to identify them as British under their suits (really just a few small details on the rifles), almost any nation can make use of them with minimal conversion.

I’ve painted two sets in the more traditional European woodland greens and browns, and a third in yellows, tans, and beiges for the North African and Italian theatres. I’m not done there, either – I’ve got another set I’m going to paint in snow camouflage for a winter-themed army that’s on the horizon! Because of all the varied colours and textures used in each scheme, I never get bored or feel that painting them is a bit ‘samey’ – there’s room to let my imagination run wild and really make each model unique!

These Ghillie-suited snipers are almost one with the foliage.

MV – If you want to add some sneaky snipers to your British collection for Bolt Action or Konflikt ’47, grab yours here and have your opponents be wary of every bush and tree!

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