This week sees the anticipated launch of the new edition of Hail Caesar.

While the core of the game remains the same, the rulebook has been updated with fresh content and has been made even easier to use – ideal for new gamers and veteran campaigners alike.

For new gamers, you’ll find simple rules presented cleanly, with exhaustive diagrams, and clear examples of how to organise your new historical forces into units, divisions, and armies, as well as how to base units for a Hail Caesar game.

For veteran gamers, there is plenty of new content for you too. Such as expanded rules for terrain, guides to pick-up games, and storming actions against fortifications. Additionally, you’ll find full rules and army lists for later medieval warfare, particularly the Wars of the Roses and the Hundred Years War.

Finally, the gorgeous new cover art featuring Alexander the Great (or Julius Caesar if you choose the Collector’s Edition) will take pride of place on your bookshelf, and the brand-new Richard the Lionheart special book figure (for those who order direct from the Warlord Webstore) will have you riding for Jerusalem in no time at all.

You don’t want to mess with these Macedonian ‘Heavies’.

The late-Medieval army lists provide even more variety for your ancients wargaming – you can now cover warfare from the era of stone mace-heads and crude copper axes all the way to the dawn of combined arms and gun-driven warfare – all in a single book! In addition to sample army lists, the rules provide a complete point value calculator, allowing you to design your own historical forces. This, with all the additional guidance in the book on how to construct and field Hail Caesar armies, makes it easier than ever to get your models on the table and rolling dice.

For those who have already collected a library of Hail Caesar supplements, fear not – all of the supplements published previously are still completely compatible with the new edition rulebook, and there are plenty more of them on the way!

The Book

Written by veteran games designer, Rick Priestley, the new edition of Hail Caesar packs an extraordinary amount into its 236 pages. It is available in two iterations – a standard edition (featuring art of Alexander the Great on the cover) and a Collector’s Edition:

The King Richard the Lionheart special edition figure is exclusively available alongside the new book via the Warlord Webstore.

The Collector’s Edition is limited to strictly 200 numbered copies. It boasts its own cover artwork featuring Julius Caesar, gilt-edged pages, two bookmark ribbons and endpapers featuring a full timeline of the exhaustive period of history that the game covers. Each copy will also be signed by the author, Rick Priestley.

Regardless of which version you choose, if you order from the Warlord Games Webstore, you’ll receive the special edition figure King Richard I, the Lionheart. Wielding a fearsome battleaxe, this high-quality Warlord ResinTM figure comes with both bare and helmeted head options.

A few of the glorious pages from the new book.

Caesar’s Gallic Wars Starter Set

Between 58 BC and 50 BC, the military might of the Roman Republic waged a brutal war on the Gallic Celt tribes living in the lands of Gaul. What the Gaul warriors lacked in the drilled discipline of their Roman foes they more than matched them with in ferocity and individual fighting prowess. The Gallic Wars, a deadly clash of cultures and military doctrine, would shape Western Europe for centuries to come, and is more than a fitting subject for our new Hail Caesar starter set. Gaius Julius Caesar’s aggressive campaign would ultimately end with Gaul being subsumed into the Roman Republic, and ensure his name would become legendary.

The Caesar’s Gallic Wars starter set gives you two starter forces: the barbaric Gauls and the legions of the late Roman Republic – a fantastic start to your campaign to conquer all comers and write your name in the annals of history! In addition to the fantastic models it contains everything you need to play the game (dice, counters etc), and a Gallic Wars introductory guide which not only provides context and history for the battles concerned, but guides you through the steps of collecting, building and gaming a Hail Caesar army. We’ve also included an A5-sized Gamer’s Edition of the new rulebook, a conveniently stripped-back version that concentrates purely on the game mechanics, which is perfect for quickly referencing rules in the throes of battle. It makes a fine companion to the main rulebook.

The new box contains:

  • Softback A5 Hail Caesar Gamer’s Edition rulebook
  • Gallic Wars introductory guide
  • 80 hard plastic Gallic Celtic Infantry
  • 48 hard plastic Caesarian Roman Infantry
  • Celtic and Roman waterslide shield decals
  • 12 6-sided dice
  • Reference sheet and casualty counters

Gallic Celt Starter Army

Alongside the new starter set we are introducing a new Gallic Celt Starter Army boxed set. A Celt army is one of history’s great spectacles – a mass of brightly patterned clothing charging headlong at their enemy, supported by fast cavalry and missile troops armed with javelins. Renowned for their ferocity in battle, what the Celts lacked in discipline they made up for in savagery and fighting spirit – they would hurl themselves at their enemies to sweep them away or die trying!

This new starter army contains enough units for one complete Hail Caesar Celt army division:

  • 1x Celt Chieftain (Warlord Resin™)
  • 100x Celt Warriors with command figures (plastic)
  • 12x Celt Cavalry (Warlord Resin™)
  • Full-colour waterslide shield decals
  • Plastic bases

Pre-Order Special Offers

Hail Caesar is one of our favourite games to play here at Warlord HQ – who doesn’t love a properly big clash every now and then – and in just a couple of days, both editions of the new book, the Caesar’s Gallic Wars Starter Set and the Gallic Celt Starter Army will be available to pre-order.

As well as being among the first to get hold of the brand-new book, all who pre-order either edition of the rulebook from the Warlord Webstore, in addition to receiving the special edition Richard the Lionheart miniature, will get a free PDF version of the rulebook (delivered straight to your inbox on the book’s release date). You’ll never need to go anywhere without your rulebook again!

Additionally, if you order a ‘standard’ edition book during the first weekend of pre-orders (from 1500 of the 11th of November through 2359 on the 13th of November GMT), your book will be signed by the book’s author, Rick Priestley (all 200 Collector’s Editions will be signed).

Pre-Orders available from Friday 11 November at 3pm (GMT)

Germanian Tribesmen surge from the forest and pounce upon unsuspecting Roman Legionaries.
  1. Great news on this one. However as 3pm GMT is 1.30am locally I don’t think I’ll be in the 200 limited edition!

  2. I’ve only just seen this in the nick of time! For some reason, I no longer receive the newsletter, even after I have signed up to it several times. That means I have to keep searching the website for the preorder news or rely on members of the Facebook groups.

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