They’ve been teased for a little while, and the sprues have finally landed at Warlord Games HQ – that means it’s time to talk about our newest releases for Pike & Shotte Epic Battles!

While the period of conflict in the 1640s and 50s is most commonly known as the ‘English Civil War’, this is really a misnomer, and does not do justice to the scale of the conflict – I much prefer the ‘Wars of the Three Kingdoms’ as a way to collectively refer to the series of wars that raged across the British Isles. As the name suggests, it wasn’t just Englishmen doing the fighting, and at last, the Scotsmen of the era are joining the tabletop fray in Epic Battles scale, with a brand-new plastic sprue as well as loads of Warlord ResinTM goodies – let’s take a look!

The new Scots Covenanters sprue in all its glory.

We’ll start with the Scots Covenanters and their new sprue – who doesn’t like more plastic goodness? We’ll go more in-depth on the Covenanters in future articles, but in brief their name refers to the ‘National Covenant’ of 1638, which was essentially a declaration that King Charles I should butt out of the Scottish Church’s affairs. Despite this, Covenanters were not anti-monarchy per se – in fact, the idea of a government not headed by a king was anathema to them – but nevertheless would fight alongside the Parliamentarians, taking the rather moderate (for the time) stance that Charles’ power should be reined in rather than broken utterly. Concerned by the growing power of the more radical elements of the New Model Army, they would by and large back the restoration of the Monarchy under Charles II, meaning they can (and did!) fight basically anyone! Well-motivated, led by veterans of the Thirty Years War, and clad in their iconic Hodden Grey, the Covenanters are a great choice for anyone wanting to wargame the Wars of the Three Kingdoms!

Scots Covenanters Battalia

The new plastic Battalia boxed set nets you three combined pike and shot regiments (40 each of pike and shot), six Scots lancers (a unique and dangerous group of light horsemen), six mounted and 15 dismounted Scottish dragoons, three of the uniquely Scottish (and rather old-fashioned) frame guns – which can be assembled as single or multi-barrelled, and three mounted commanders – oh, and a flag sheet! Not a bad haul at all, especially as they’re in gorgeously detailed plastic, and a great way to bulk up a force.

Scots Covenanter Starter Army

Alexander Leslie, the 1st Earl of Leven

For starting a Covenanter force, however, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the awesome new starter army – look at all those Scotsmen! In addition to the infantry, you also get plenty of artillery, some more ‘traditional’ cavalry, and some brand-new casualty markers – you can’t forget those, as no matter how good a commander you might be, you’ll (probably) never manage a bloodless victory! On the subject of commanders, the starter set also includes three Warlord Resin leaders – The Marquis of Argyll, Lord Leven, and a dour Calvinist minister to look after the all-important spiritual health of your men.

Montrose’s Scottish Royalists Starter Army

James Graham, the Marquis of Montrose

The Covenanters weren’t the only Scotsmen to take the field in the English Civil Wars. James Graham, the Marquis of Montrose, was a former Covenanter who became King Charles’ ‘man in Scotland’, and a daring, aggressive commander. His Royalist forces have been long-beloved of wargamers for their unique nature, combining wild and rebellious Scottish highland clansmen with disciplined and steadfast Irish veterans – but precious little artillery or cavalry. A proponent of rapid campaigns and decisive action, Montrose was arguably one of the best commanders of the wars, but would meet an unpleasant end, being hanged and quartered. His period of dominance was brief, but has fascinated wargamers for years, and now he brings his forces to Epic Battles with a brand-new starter set! Favouring infantry over horse and ordnance, and including no fewer than 160 Warlord Resin Highland Clansmen, and a good mix of ‘normal’ infantry, it’s a brilliant way to get this iconic force on the table, and fantastic value for money. Montrose is naturally present, alongside his ally, the fearsome Alasdair Mac Colla, to command the troops, and there’s also a full-colour flag sheet to identify your proud regiments – it’s important to look good on the battlefield, after all!

Highland Clansmen are only available within the Montrose’s Scottish Royalists Starter Army boxed set.

Casualty Markers

While acrid gun smoke obscures the battlefield, men and horses fall dead as musket and pike carry out their bloody work. The din of battle and rising losses threaten even the most steadfast regiment’s ability to remain in the field. Each of these boxed sets contains 18 casualty markers, perfect for tracking your units’ travails in tabletop battle.

Rally the clans, sign the Covenant, and watch out – the Scots are coming to Pike & Shotte Epic Battles!

Explore the Full Pike & Shotte Epic Battles Range

The new Scots Covenanters are perfect to use in conjunction with the existing Pike & Shotte Epic Battles range whether you’re just setting out on your Epic Battes journey or are a seasoned veteran keen to greatly expand your tabletop experience and refight even more key battles of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, or indeed their exploits in Thirty Year’s War!

Push Of Pike Battle-set

Pike & Shotte Epic Battles: Push of Pike provides you with all the information you need to refight the wars that raged across Europe in the seventeenth century on an epic scale, with period-specific additions that capture the tactics, conditions, and prominent personalities of both these cataclysmic conflicts.

Pike & Shotte Epic Battles – Push of Pike battle set contains:

  • Tan and grey hard plastic figures: 6 mounted battalia commanders, 6 ensigns, 6 mounted cornets, 14 combined pike & shot regiments (80 soldiers each), 36 commanded shotte, 60 cavalry, 12 cuirassiers, 18 mounted dragoons, 30 dismounted dragoons, 6 Saker cannon and 6 Falconet light guns
  • Green plastic bases for all figures
  • A5 260-page Pike & Shotte Epic Battles rulebook
  • Quick Play reference card
  • Assembly & painting guide leaflet
  • Flag sheets for both the English Civil Wars and the Thirty Years’ War
  • Laser-cut MDF fortified manor house complex
  • Six D6 dice


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