The Scots Covenanters have arrived for Pike & Shotte Epic Battles, and though we’ve already detailed the forces included within the Starter Army boxed sets, we’ve only made brief mention of the character miniatures included therein, whilst promising a more in-depth look in the future. Well, here it is (the first half, at least – Montrose’s Royalists are to follow)! Let’s take a look at the leaders included in the Scots Covenanters starter army!

Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven

Leading off we have Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven (better known for our purposes as Lord Leven!). A long-serving veteran of continental service during the Thirty Years’ War, and a former Field Marshal of Sweden, Leven returned to Scotland in 1638 to take part in the Bishops’ Wars as Lord General of the Covenanters. He proved to be an extremely successful leader, winning several victories, and his Swedish connections allowed him to secure extra arms and artillery for his forces. While Charles I of England would create him Lord Leven for his service in 1641, the complex politics of the time saw Leven enter the English Civil Wars as senior commander of the Covenanter forces, who had allied themselves with the Parliamentarian forces. With significant victories at Marston Moor and York, Leven would effectively find himself master of the North of England, only withdrawing his troops to Scotland in 1647, after which time he retired from campaigning, eventually dying in his 80s in 1661.

A fearsomely experienced and highly skilled commander, in games of Pike & Shotte his Command Rating of 9 puts him on par with most commanders of the English Civil War (only one surpasses him), and his Tough as Old Boots special rule grants nearby troops the boon of the Tough Fighter special rule. He’s a great choice to lead your early Civil Wars Scots, or you could even re-live his glory days in Swedish service

Marquis of Argyll & Calvinist Minister

Then, we have Archibald Campbell, Marquis of Argyll, 8th Earl of Argyll, Chief of Clan Campbell – for brevity’s sake, we’ll call him Argyll! More of a statesman than a battlefield commander, and a bitter enemy of Montrose (who we’ll cover in another article!), Argyll fervently opposed Charles I’s religious policies and would briefly accompany Covenanter forces into England, before returning north to deal with Scottish Royalists where Montrose pursued him relentlessly. He would remain the head of Scottish government until the early 1650s, but his power quickly unravelled with the return of Charles II, and was executed on that king’s orders in 1661. A consummate politician, but never a particularly successful commander, Argyll is nevertheless essential for your forces if you intend to stand against Montrose in the north!

Accompanying Argyll is a rather dour Calvinist Minister, ready to attend to the immortal souls of your troops. A particularly strict variety of Protestantism emerging from the Reformation, Calvinism was popular in Scotland during the Seventeenth Century, and in a period of near-universal religiosity, it was not uncommon to see priests and preachers accompanying armies during the English Civil Wars. This fine fellow is on hand to exhort your men to greater acts of valour, all in service of the cause of religion – a handy chap to have around in the chaos and confusion of battle, where the courage of men needs bolstering more than ever!

Covenanters Starter Army

When you muster your Covenanters, don’t forget your commanders – you can find yours in the brand-new Starter Army!

Pike & Shotte in 28mm!

Lord Leven is also available to lead a 28mm Pike & Shotte Covenanters army!

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