Here at Warlord Games, we’re obviously big fans of history – after all, it’s what we do, and this month’s Soldier of Fortune figure is a double hit of history, simultaneously representing a legend of the Second World War, and being a beloved model from our own past as a company.

That’s right – Dick Winters is back! This iconic figure first saw the light of day back in 2014 as an exclusive event figure for Historicon, and now, a decade later, he’s returning to duty as the Soldier of Fortune for June 2024! Newly revamped and remastered in crisply detailed Warlord Resin, he’s ready for action once more, an absolute must-have for Soldier of Fortune collectors and US Bolt Action players alike.

Richard 'Dick' Winters
Richard Dick Winters at Camp Toccoa in Georgia, 1942.

With this June seeing the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, Captain Richard ‘Dick’ Winters was a natural choice to serve as the month’s Soldier of Fortune. Made famous as the main character of the beloved and hugely influential TV show Band of Brothers, where he was played by Damian Lewis, Winters would command ‘Easy’ Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division through their finest hours as they fought through Normandy, Holland, and into Germany.

A brave man and respected leader, Captain Winters’ most famous victory would come on D-Day itself. Having parachuted into occupied Normandy in the early hours of the morning and assumed command of ‘Easy’ Company following the death of the previous commanding officer, Winters was ordered to neutralise a German artillery battery at Brécourt Manor. The Germans were dug in at company strength, while Winters had only 23 men to complete the task. What followed has been studied extensively ever since as a great example of leadership and small-unit tactics as the American paratroopers stormed the German positions and destroyed the battery, losing only four men killed. For this action, Dick Winters would be awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

Our Soldier of Fortune figure depicts Winters in the thick of the fighting at Brécourt Manor, directing his men as bullets whistle around him. Design Studio Sculptor Wojtek has done a fantastic job bringing Dick Winters to life in miniature, and he makes for a truly exceptional commander for any US Airborne force themed around D-Day, as well as a great opportunity for painters to show off their skills!

Soldier of Fortune 011 - Hang Tough! (1st Lt Richard 'Dick' Winters) - Topdown View

As befits a Soldier of Fortune figure, Dick Winters also includes a special display base, themed around the dog tags of the man himself! The lower tag displays all the information shown on the real thing, while the upper commemorates his status as Soldier of Fortune No.11 and the 80th anniversary of D-Day. These are a separate component, meaning that you can choose to have him mounted on the tags, or on a standard 25mm round base for use in your games of Bolt Action.

Dick Winters is a busy man – there’s a war to win after all – and won’t hang around for long. He’ll be dropping in to the webstore for the month of June only, and after that will push on into enemy territory, not to be seen again for many years to come. Don’t miss your opportunity to add this amazing miniature of a true hero of the Second World War to your collection today!

Soldier of Fortune 011 - Hang Tough! (1st Lt Richard 'Dick' Winters)

Each month, a different, unique special figure is available to purchase exclusively through The Warlord Games Webstore, for that month only. At the end of the month, a new special figure takes its place. Once gone, those figures will be unavailable for a minimum of two years thereafter, by any means.

Numbered sequentially, it’s easy to keep track of your whole collection of these Warlord Webstore-exclusive figures. Remember that each figure will only be around for a month; don’t miss out on getting hold of the complete collection of Soldiers of Fortune!

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