This time, our resident champion of overly-bright yet unseasonal shirts (oh, and Production Manager here at Warlord Games HQ), Bernard Lewis, gives us the scoop on his favourite Warlord miniature – the Sturmtiger!

Bernard – The Sturmtiger is a large block of armour. It doesn’t have what you might call a typical silhouette for a German tank of the era. There were only a few made, but having read about some of the actions in which such tanks were involved, they were very deadly with the 14 shells each carried. One such incident I read about had a Sturmtiger fire a single shell into a town square – destroying a large number of US vehicles that were parked up.

I particularly like its distinctive shape, which makes it stand out in my collection of tanks. The rules in Bolt Action make it nasty to play against; though the Sturmtiger’s main ‘gun’ (in actuality, a 380mm rocket mortar) is limited in range compared to some of its contemporaries when firing directly (it functions as a howitzer but cannot fire over half-range), it has the nasty ability to allow the player to re-roll all dice that failed to score damage for a blast and re-roll the number of inflicted pins.

Inspired by its destructive capability, I designed a themed 1,000pt Bolt Action force specifically around the Sturmtiger. As an urban assault gun, it’s supported by a small detachment of infantry to guard against enemy assaults, along with a few engineers to appropriately theme the force.

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