Maud’s wartime service included destroying and capturing numerous enemy ships and submarines, taking part in the Second Battle of Narvik, the Dunkirk evacuation, the hunt for the Bismarck, the Spitzbergen raid, Malta convoys, and Russian convoys. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and Distinguished Service Order and once survived an hour in freezing cold water after his destroyer was sunk by a U-Boat, a feat that he credited to downing a bottle of whiskey before jumping into the sea. After this, he ordered the sailors under his command to always carry a bottle of whiskey in case it was needed.

Maud acted as a technical advisor for the 1962 movie “The Longest Day”, during which he was played by Kenneth More. He allowed More to use the actual shillelagh which he had carried at Juno Beach for his scenes, although Winnie the German shepherd was replaced with an English bulldog.

Commander Maud was selected as the principle Beach Master for Juno Beach during the Normandy landings, for which he was made an acting captain. Complete with his German shepherd, Winnie, Maud too charge of the arrivals and departures on Juno Beach under heavy enemy fire. With his dark beard, shillelagh (a wooden club of an Ancient Irish design) and dog, Maud cut an imposing figure on the beaches, sometimes swimming out to landing craft to point out errors in handling to their crew. His ruthless efficient in running his beach and almost comical disregard for danger resulted in a bar to his DSO.

Cost:175pts (Veteran Major)
Composition:One officer, 1 German shepherd or English bulldog, and up to 2 men
Weapons:Maud carries a pistol or shillelagh. Accompanying soldiers carry pistols, rifles, or SMGs as depicted on models
Options:Maud may be accompanied by two men at a cost of +14pts per man
Special Rules:Tough Fighters
Securing the Beaches: If Maud is on the table with a Down order, any attempt to bring on reserves via a boat or landing craft ignores the normal -1 modifier. Any boat or landing craft attempting to move from deep water to shallow water has a +1 modifier to their roll on the Reef Table if Maud is on the table with a Down order (not cumulative with other units sharing this rule).
Winnie and the shillelagh: Whilst any soldiers accompanying Maud are Tough Fighters, Maud himself has a dog and a stick. He attacks with two dice during any assault.
“The sooner you people get off this beach, the sooner they’ll stop the shelling! it’s very bad for the dog!”: Maud gives the normal +4 morale bonus for a Major or equivalent. However, he may activate up to 5 units using the “You men, snap to action!” rule, but only using Run or Advance orders. He wants people off his beach!
“Never mind the blathering”: Maud is always ready to lend an encouraging word to his subordinates. Once per turn Maud may use an Advance or Run order to close within 6″ of a friendly unit to give them a piece of his mind. That unit may remove all pin markers. And then add another pin marker for his reprimand.

You can find rules for more iconic characters in the trilogy of D-Day campaign books.

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