A race of hardy, space-faring reptiles, Kleggs are renowned—and feared—as warriors and mercenaries. Whilst known chiefly for their strength, stamina and martial prowess, they are also enthusiastic—if not particularly talented—poets and rappers.

Although interactions between Earth and the Kleggs have been limited, the Kleggs are known to rule a significant galactic empire. Whilst most Klegg citizens are enlisted in this empire’s military, a number pursue careers as soldiers of fortune. As famously enthusiastic carnivores, Klegg mercenaries are happy to accept the flesh of their enemies as payment; this makes them a popular choice for many a tyrant, despot and intergalactic warlord.

The Kleggs also use Klegg-Hounds—reptilian, dog-like creatures with crocodilian heads and an incredibly sensitive sense of smell—to track prey.

Classic Moment

The Day the Law Died (2000 AD Prog 98 / Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 2)

Unleashed on the Mega-City by the insane and despotic Chief-Judge Cal, Klegg mercenaries break into an impromptu song and dance.

Further Reading

The Heart is a Lonely Klegg Hunter (2000 AD Progs 1888, 1889 / 2000 AD’S Greatest: Celebrating 40 Years of Thrill Power!)

Whilst most of his brethren are ravenous, violent and sadistic, there is one Klegg who breaks the mould. A guard on the Luna city of megalomaniacal businessman Enormo Overdrive, Sensitive Klegg helped Wally Squad Judge Dirty Frank escape from Overdrive during the attempted God-City Coup.

Following the coup’s failure, Sensitive Klegg tries to settle in Mega-City One. Despite his love of peace, poetry and Brontë, Sensitive is unable to overcome the prejudices of his fellow MC-1 citizens. Conditioned to fear and mistrust Kleggs, these citizens cannot accept this kind and erudite creature into their midst. Already hurt by this fear and mistrust, things go from bad to worse for the gentle Klegg when he is targeted for death by the infamous Hunters Club…

Extract from Dredd’s Comportment

I’ve never liked Kleggs and I never will. Not only are they vicious in a fight, but the scaly drokkers are cunning too.

The Kleggs’ reputation as ferocious mercs is richly deserved. Whilst their stat block puts them on par with the average Judge, a Klegg is deadlier in melee. The Kleggs’ Bite close-combat weapon not only gives them + 2 bonus in close combat, but also deducts cumulative penalties from the target’s Resist courtesy of their Rending and Piercing special rules.

But don’t be fooled into thinking Kleggs are merely dangerous up close and personal as they can be equally as deadly at range. Their spit guns, for instance, add +3 Power to those attacks which target opponents within 12” range.

Worse still, any faction containing at least one Klegg-may include a Klegg Hai! Big Meg card. This card allows one Klegg, upon activation, to also activate another Klegg within 6”; this second Klegg may then perform a single action. If that isn’t bad enough, this bonus action is free and does not require the use of an Action chip; it can even be used on Kleggs which have already been activated!

‘Forget “Claw and fang’ll kill Dredd nicely”, try “My daystick beats Kleggs’ day and nightly.”’

The Klegg-Hai! Box set also contains the Big Meg card Raining Monsters. This allows players to keep up to two of their models in reserve. If they do, they may, upon drawing one of their action chips, deploy one of their reserve characters anywhere on the table not within 6” of an enemy character; these characters may then activate and perform one single action. Raining Monsters is ideal for placing your characters in the thick of an enemy faction and performing an opportunistic Snapshot action. Better yet, your character is now within Charge distance when next activated!

The Klegg-Hai box set contains:

  • 3 Klegg Miniatures
  • 1 Unit Card
  • 2 Big Meg Cards: “Klegg-Hai!” & Raining Monsters
  1. Got mine this week, cleaned them up today and have to say they are lovely sculpts and lovely casts, only decision now is do i need 1 or 2 more boxes.

  2. Do they use the star activation chip because they have a cool of 4 ? Only asking because we played with them the other night and they wiped the floor with everything on the bosrd.

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