Multi-engined aircraft have distinct advantages and disadvantages when compared to single-engined fighters, and are thus treated slightly differently within the medium Blood Red Skies.

Whilst multi-engined planes could absorb more damage, carry more crew, fuel and ammunition (and certainly payload in the case of bombers), this could often come at the cost of the speed and agility of their single-engined brethren.  As such the following rules are introduced when twin-engined aircraft are deployed on the table:

  • Only multi-engined aircraft with the ‘Agile’ trait are able to perform, or have performed against them, the Outmanoevre action.
  • Multi-engined aircraft may always be fired upon regardless of the shooter’s relative advantage level.
  • Non ‘Agile’ multi-engined aircraft do not contribute their pilot skill when rolling to dodge a shooting attack.
  • Boom chits are not scored on hits against multi-engine aircraft unless they are already disadvantaged. When a boom chit is scored it is placed on or near the aircraft to denote one engine is out. When there are boom chits equal to the aircraft’s total number of engines it is then shot down.
  • Damaged multi-engine planes are subject to further negative effects – they may no longer be advantaged, their speed diminishes.

Heavy Fighters

The P38 Lightning and Ki-45 Toryu ‘Nick’ squadron boxes and Aces are soon flying in the augment their respective air forces in Blood Red Skies. They can be played as above, noting that they are both ‘Agile’ aircraft, however they can be fielded, because their function is so similar to that of ordinary single-engined fighters, using the Heavy Fighters Optional rule. In this case they are treated as normal with one exception:

When a heavy fighter would normally be shot down it loses an engine instead as detailed in the multi-engined rules above. If a damaged heavy fighter is hit again and fails to dodge it is shot down, inflicting two boom chits (one for the hit and one for being shot down).

P38 Lightning

The P-38 Lightning’s comparatively long range proved invaluable in the Pacific Theatre and for escort duties in deep penetration raids over occupied Europe, enjoying considerable success as a ground attack strike fighter.

Ki-45 Toryu ‘Nick’

The Ki45 Toryu (Dragonslayer), was a twin-engine heavy fighter patterned after the German Messerschmitt Me110 and its contemporaries, enjoying success as a bomber hunter.

Note that a specific exemption to the inclusion of any of these rules is jet fighters with twin engines; the capabilities of which were more in line with single-engined fighters in practice. A  facet of the rules that will become relevant with the future release of the Gloster Meteor…

Air Strike!

For the full rules on fielding multi-engined aircraft, look no further than the Blood Red Skies rules compendium Air Strike!

This book presents all of the basic rules and adds many new ones suitable for expanded air operations. For example, ground and sea targets, bombing, strafing and torpedo attacks, defensive flak and terrain. Jet aircraft are introduced by teh way of MiG Alley expansion and there is additional guidance for historic and competitive play.

The book includes seven scenarios for Blood Red Skies and re-presents the five original ones to bringing them in line with the latest and player feedback.

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