Andy Chambers -Writing and Development Team

Warlord Games are delighted to announce that renowned wargames writer and developer Andy Chambers has recently signed a contract to head up the Konflikt ‘47 writing and development team.  

A multi-decade veteran of the wargames industry, Andy’s credentials include Blood Red Skies, Judge Dredd, Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Necromunda, and Battlefleet Gothic, among many, many others, as well as several novels for The Black Library.

Bringing a vast wealth of experience and expertise to the Weird War of Konflikt ‘47, Andy’s responsibilities will include developing and guiding the evolving in-game universe, including rules, background, and much more. Konflikt ‘47 fans can expect to see huge new announcements for this fantastic game and setting beginning immediately – this is just the first of many!

Here’s what the man himself has to say about it:

I am absolutely thrilled to be returning to a Weird World War II setting once more, it’s always been such a great inspiration for me and I’m looking forward to pushing forward the Konflikt ’47 universe, particularly ramping up that ‘weird’ factor!

I have many, many plans for the Konflikt ’47 universe, and I’m in the process of pulling together a fantastic team to help me – I hope to be able to reveal them to you over the coming months! Many thanks to Warlord for the opportunity, and to the members of the Konflikt ’47 community I’ve already spoken to for your insights – big plans are afoot, and I’m certain you’ll like them!”

British Automatons & Galahad Armoured Infantry
British Automatons & Galahad Armoured Infantry advance through a French village.

Andy’s excitement is absolutely matched by us here at Warlord Games:

Peter Gosling – Head of Marketing and K’47 Product Manager, Warlord Games
“It’s a hugely exciting time at Warlord Games, with many huge releases ongoing. Against this backdrop, we’re continuing to work hard on developing and expanding the Konflikt ‘47 universe – Andy’s signing is a huge milestone for this project, and we’re enormously happy to have him leading the writing and development team. Konflikt ‘47 is one of our key properties, and we’re absolutely committed to both expanding the existing universe and range, and taking the project in awesome new directions, which we know the dedicated community and new players alike will love!

John Stallard – Owner & CEO, Warlord Games
“We’re incredibly excited to welcome Andy onboard! We’ve worked extensively with him in the past, so know that he’s the right person to lead the writing and development team for Konflikt ‘47. We’d like to thank the Konflikt ‘47 community for their continued support and dedication, and we can’t wait to show off what Andy and the team will be working on!

Nachtjager Assault Soviet Troops
German Nachtjager descend upon beleaguered Soviet troops.

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Start Collecting Konflikt ’47

Exciting times are ahead for Konflikt ’47, but you can already leap in and embrace the weird war. Unleash Rift-tech-infused genetic monstrosities, towering walkers and a whole host of weapons of unparalleled destructive potential onto the tabletop. For those new to Konflikt, and to celebrate our announcement, we’ve put together Start Collecting Bundles for the core nations. Each contains a starter set for the relevant army (replete with dice, tokens and rulebook), one of the army’s signature walkers for undeniably cool armoured punch, and, as an added bonus, an armoured officer team for free to lead your new army to tabletop glory!


Start Collecting - Konflikt '47 Germany

United States

Start Collecting - Konflikt '47 United States

Great Britain

Start Collecting - Konflikt '47 Great Britian

Soviet Union

Start Collecting - Konflikt '47 Soviet Union


Start Collecting - Konflikt '47 Japan
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