Just as the heroes of the Earth tribes continue to defend Tir Nan Og, so do their enemies seek to destroy it. Such enemies include not only the Drunes and the Fomorians, but also the El and the Badb. Lead by the deadly Elfric, the El are amongst the most potent threats ever faced by Sláine and his allies. The Badb, meanwhile, are compelled to give their all — including their lives — in service to their master, the Lord Weird Slough Feg.


A prince amongst the El, Elfric is a being of the basest depravity and utmost cruelty. Almost impervious to harm from mortals and their mundane weapons, Elfric is free to indulge his wanton and sadistic needs on the battlefield. Leading his fellow El in their campaigns against the mortals, he is not only blessed with martial skills, but also a gem-like third eye. This eye allows Elfric to project deadly beams which burns mortals and renders them unto cinders. With the beautiful but deadly El-Women at his back and Tir Nan Og before him, he continues to wage his war upon humanity.


As befits a creature of his power, Elfric has a Notoriety of 18; this is greater than even Sláine and is matched only by that other monstrous villain, Slough Feg. Elfric owes this Notoriety not only to his impressive stat line, but also to the Skills El Creature, Hero of Crom Cruach and Deadly Gaze. El Creature reflects the immortal nature of Elfric and ensures he only suffers losses to his stats for the first Injury marker placed upon him; all other Injury markers merely reduce his Cool and Resist stats. Thus, he remains a fierce and determined enemy no matter how much damage may have been visited upon him. Hero of Crom Cruach and Deadly Gaze, meanwhile, allow Elfric to be allocated two random Feat cards and the Deadly Gaze Feat card at the beginning of a game.


Armed with a great sword with the Double-handed Weapon keyword, Elfric considers each [SPECIAL] result rolled to be a [HIT].

The El-Women

Evil creatures from another dimension whose true form would be nightmarish to behold, the Dark-Els are devoted to spreading death and destruction in the name of the great worm, Crom Cruach. Assuming the form of comely women to entice human males into their traps, the El-Women are often underestimated by opponents. They are, however, skilled fighters. If killed, an El-Woman’s corpse will revert to its true, bug-like form.


As might be expected for model with a Notoriety of only 6, El-Women’s profiles are average at best. Like Elfric, however, they do benefit from the El Creature keyword.


El-Women are equipped with two weapons. These weapons have the Defender keyword; this allows each [SPECIAL] result rolled by an El-Woman in close combat to be considered a [SHIELD]. These weapons can be exchanged for a war spear for an increase of +1 Notoriety or a great sword for free. War spears have the Versatile keyword. This allows players to allocate either the Defender or Double-handed attributes to the spear. As with Elfric, the El-Women’s great swords also have the Double-handed keyword.

The Badb

Raised by Drunes and forged into warrior-witches, the Badb serve the Lord Weird Slough Feg as his priestesses and bodyguards. They are utterly devoted to both him and Crom Cruach.


With a Notoriety of only 5, the Badb are on par with characters such as Ukko and Cathbad. They possess only one skill, Devoted to Feg. This allows them to exchange places with Slough Feg if the Lord Weird is engaged in combat and within 3” of a Badb. Furthermore, should Feg suffer an Injury or Stun marker when within 3″ of the Badb, that marker may be instead placed on the Badb. This makes them an excellent choice for players fielding Feg and infuriating for their opponents!


As with the El-Women, the Badb can be armed with either two weapons or a war spear. These possess the Defender and Versatile traits respectively.

Collecting a Drune Warband

Within the Sláine Miniatures Game, Elfric, the El-Women and the Badb all share the agenda of the Drunes, and serve them ably on the battlefield.

New to the Sláine Miniatures Game?. Our Drune Warband starter bundle contains the Kiss my Axe! Starter Set – which already contains Slough Throt, Weirdstone and Skull Swords – and adds both the Drune Warband and Heroes sets providing every option with which to subjugate the peoples of Tir Nan Og. Lead your Skull Swords to victory in the name of Crom Cruach on the tabletop!

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