Having authored Cruel Seas a number of years ago, Warlord Games CEO John Stallard would have been remiss not to have picked up some of the latest releases for the game. These new vessels have set sail courtesy of those talented chaps at our sister company, Skytrex.

First up is one of the giant steam gunboats from the Royal Navy (SGBs). Such vessels were armed to the teeth, with two torpedo tubes, a pair of six-pounders, a 200mm cannon, four 1/2″ Vickers guns, a grenade thrower, and a pair of Oerlikon cannons, not to mention the depth charges, making them very capable vessels – hunter-killers as John describes them. Skytrex’s model is based on Grey Goose SGB9, captained by the flotilla commander Peter Scott.

Smaller, but no less mighty is HMS Medusa, one of the first boats off the coast of Normandy on the 6th June 1944, D-Day, performing the vital service of identifying areas for mine clearance and guiding other vessels through the safe paths as they were cleared.

Surviving the war, and going through a number of refits, HMS Medusa was eventually sold for scrap in 1968, but never made it to the breakers. Instead, a group of enthusiasts, led by Mike Boyce purchased her with the admirable goal of restoring her and making her seaworthy. In 2002, The Medusa Trust was formed to continue this work. To support their work, any purchase of the HMS Medusa model, whether via the Warlord Games webstore or our sister company, Skytrex’s, will result in a donation being made to the trust.

British and Commonwealth Warship Camouflage of WWII by Malcolm Wright

Before putting paint to miniature, John has indulged in a little research on the colour schemes of Royal Navy vessels of the era. “If anything, they’re anything but grey.” Malcolm Wright’s trio of books, British and Commonwealth Warship Camouflage of WWII Volumes I-III, are invaluable tomes for those dipping their toes into the period.

Both vessels have been completed with the addition of rigging; “at this scale, it always elevates the overall effect,” says John.

The two vessels are ready to prove their mettle on the Cruel Seas.

Available from Skytrex Now

Cruel Seas: Denny-class SGB (HMS Grey Goose)
HMS Grey Goose
Cruel Seas: HDML (HMS Medusa)
HMS Medusa
  1. Are there any plans incoming for a new, improved edition of the rulebook for Cruel Seas, or perhaps a full rework? I’m glad to see Skytrex is slowly rolling stuff out, but I feel the only way to really grow it is going to be a major revision rulebook that is on the scale of Victory at Sea, plus a rollout of many many more boats….

  2. Looking Good John,
    A bit late but seeing MEDUSA reminds me she made it to Normandy for D-Day 80.
    The Unit Im in got to wave her and the other ships off at HMNB PORTSMOUTH

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