We all want to be Julius Caesar when we’re pushing our armies around the table – it’d be weird if we didn’t! One of the great pleasures of historical wargaming is putting yourself in the shoes of some of the great commanders from history, to see if you can replicate their successes or overturn their failures. Arguably one of the greatest (and certainly one of the most famous) war leaders of all time, Gaius Julius Caesar’s campaigns prior to crossing the Rubicon and seizing power in Rome are legendary, and with the upcoming Caesar’s Gallic Wars supplement for Hail Caesar, you can now play through them all in detail – let’s take a look at what’s in the book!

We start with a very useful in-depth look at the armies of Caesar and his foes, including handy army lists for the Republican Roman Army and the many barbarian tribes they battled with, allowing us to construct our forces as accurately as possible for the campaigns ahead, as well as providing fantastic fodder for one-off and ‘what-if’ gaming. For the Gauls in particular, weird and wonderful units of wild warriors abound, alongside mysterious druids, and of course the many great kings and chieftains who led them to war, while the Romans have their disciplined ranks of Legionaries and supporting Auxilia.

Author and historian Peter van Dop has put an enormous amount of work into Caesar’s Gallic Wars, and it really shows – keep an eye out for a Designer’s Notes article from him in the not-too-distant future! The main body of the book takes us along with Caesar’s legions throughout his Gallic campaigns, providing dozens of fantastic and well-researched scenarios that take us through Gaul and Germania, into Britannia, and back and forth across North-West Europe as the man who would become Dictator cemented his military and political credentials. Each battle, skirmish, and campaign is placed into its proper historical context, and the regular ‘Meanwhile, Back in Rome’ segments keep us updated with the political backdrop to Caesar’s conquests – it’s always useful to know exactly what it is you’re fighting for!

Caesar’s Gallic Wars provides a fantastic addition to any Roman or Gallic player’s library, vastly expanding upon material found in Age of Caesar and the main Hail Caesar rulebook, and also serves as a brilliant introduction to this era of wargaming.

Defend the Eagle!

A supplement wouldn’t be complete without a special miniature to accompany it! The ‘Defend the Eagle!’ special miniature depicts the famous instance when a Roman aquilifer from the Tenth Legion took matters into his own hands as his comrades faltered in leaving their boats to land on the shores of Britain in the face of strong British opposition. He is reported to have shouted “Leap down, soldiers, unless you wish to betray your eagle to the enemy; it shall be told that I at any rate did my duty to my country and my general”, and duly leapt overboard, wading towards the enemy with his Eagle standard in hand. Not wishing to be disgraced by losing their priceless Eagle standard, his comrades followed his example and jumped from their ships to close with the enemy.

You’ll get this figure FREE when ordering Caesar’s Gallic Wars from the Warlord Games webstore.

Legionaries leap down from their boats, lest the eagle fall into British hands.

Getting Started with Hail Caesar

Pick up a copy of the main rulebook, Caesar’s Gallic Wars, and a couple of our great value starter armies for either side (or alternatively, the appropriately titled Caesar’s Gallic Wars Hail Caesar starter set), and you and your friends can dive straight into wargaming this fascinating period of history.

Will you follow Caesar to glory across Europe, or take a stand to defend your way of life and throw the hated Romans back from your lands? Either way, we’ve got you covered, with a fantastic range of plastic and metal Romans and Gallic Celts, allowing you to represent all of the units and engagements discussed in Caesar’s Gallic Wars. The only real question is – which side will you choose?

Sharpen your swords and prepare to march. Caesar will plunge Gaul into the chaos of war, determined to bring about Pax Romana. The time for heroes is almost upon us…

    1. Hi Alex. The new supplement is not a replacement for Britannia or Age of Caesar. Caesar’s Gallic Wars is a deep dive into those particular campaigns and though it has some overlap with Age of Caesar, that book covers more than just the Gallic Wars. Britannia meanwhile covers Claudius’ later invasion of Britain in 43AD.

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