As a long-time German player I’ve really been spoilt by the number of amazing models in the range, but when the conversation in Warlord’s design studio turned to our favourite miniatures (always a contentious topic), I had an answer immediately. From everything we’ve produced, it has to be the legendary Ostfront exclusive figure, Cross of Iron!

Now, I do have a confession to make – I’ve never seen the film (we’ll strap him to a chair and rectify that immediately – ed.), but the model just oozes cool; from the PPSH and open parka to the standard-issue Hollywood ‘war face’ and 1920s gangster stance. I actually own about six of this figure, as every time I’ve bought a new chunk of Germans I managed to forget that I already had one, and picked it up again! At this stage, I might just do a full squad of Steiners!

Sadly, being an exclusive book miniature, Cross of Iron is not currently available, so if you’ve got one, make sure you don’t lose it!

As the discussion spread around the Warlord offices it was clear that with such a vast pool to choose from, no two staffers’ answers came even close to being identical. We thought this an ideal opportunity to shine a light on some of our glorious miniatures across all our game ranges, so expect to see more Staff’s Favourite Figures in the coming weeks.

  1. I understand it’s your favorite, but why write an article about a figure that the rest of us can’t get anymore and to hen state you have 6? Just curious.

    1. No model is ever truly gone while we’ve got the molds to hand – I’m leading the charge trying to get him back into production in some form!

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