So that’s 2023 very nearly done and dusted, just the turkey and presents to come – and what a year it’s been here at Warlord Games! There have been loads of awesome releases over the course of the last twelve months, so let’s look back at some of the highlights. Call it ‘Warlord Wrapped’!

We kicked the year off in style, with the second edition of Hail Caesar launching in February. This update (and snazzy new rulebook) brought a fantastic breath of fresh air to one of our most venerable games, and added plenty of new rules and ways to play!

Hail Caesar 2nd Edition Rulebook with Richard I, The Lionheart special book miniature
Caesar’s Gallic Wars – Hail Caesar Starter Set

February also saw the introduction of the first set of our Bolt Action weapons team boxes in Warlord Resin, an exciting project that continues into 2024!

German Heer (Winter), British & Inter-Allied Commando & USMC Weapons Teams, just three of over twenty weapons teams boxed sets released this year.

Spring was well and truly sprung with Judge Dredd – Block War in March. This expansion plunged the streets of Mega-City One into open warfare, and introduced the Citi-Def militia forces, alongside reinforcements for the Justice Department and the lawless gangs of the urban jungle – how drokking cool is that?

Judge Dredd: Block War Expansion
Citi-Def Jaeger Squad
Justice Department Pat Wagon

In April, there was a huge development in a small scale, as Pike & Shotte Epic Battles was launched. Bringing one of our most beloved games (and ranges) to the world of Epic Battles, it allowed wargamers to at last recreate the greatest engagements of the Thirty Years’ War and English Civil Wars with truly enormous forces!

Pike & Shotte Epic Battles – Push of Pike Battle-Set
English Civil Wars Infantry Battalia
English Civil Wars Cavalry

The summer saw plenty of World War Two goodness, with the Wing Commander supplement for Blood Red Skies leading the way. This fantastic book is the result of a longstanding collaboration between the Blood Red Skies author and community, and is a real celebration of the fantastic game of aerial combat, as well as a must-have for any Blood Red Skies player! Alongside Wing Commander, the Italian Regia Aeronautica took to the skies in support of the Axis, their much anticipated and fantastically camouflaged aircraft launching soon after the book in July.

Blood Red Skies Wing Commander Compendium
Reggiane Re.2002 Ariete Squadron

Continuing the Second World War summer, the Tough Gut campaign book continued the (Bolt) action on the Italian front, while our revamped Soldier of Fortune monthly exclusive figures range kicked off in August, beginning with a trio of ‘rogue’ SAS heroes in the Western Desert!

Campaign: Tough Gut with Wojtek the Bear special miniature
Three Rogue Heroes kicked off our new Solder of Fortune collection – David Stirling, ‘Jock’ Lewes and Paddy Mayne.

Moving into autumn, October was an incredible month, with the long-awaited release of the characterful Peninsular Veterans for Black Powder and the Caesar’s Gallic Wars supplement for Hail Caesar being swiftly followed by Campaign: Case Blue, and the plastic early-war Panzer IV for Bolt Action. The headliner, however, was the eagerly anticipated plastic French infantry boxed set, to the delight of early war Bolt Action players everywhere!

Caesar’s Gallic Wars – Hail Caesar Supplement with Defend The Eagle! special book miniature
Campaign: Case Blue with Black Feathers, White Hell’ special miniature
French Army Infantry

Looking forward to 2024, it’s going to be a big year for Warlord Games. The upcoming launch of ABC Warriors is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to show you what else we’ve been working on. See you in the New Year!

ABC Warriors: Increase the Peace stater game with Howard Quartz ‘Mr Ten Per Cent’ special miniature
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