There’s all manner of fantastic Bolt Action competitions, tournaments, gaming days and leagues out there, and I suspect that (with a little effort and a fairly hefty fuel bill) you could play competitive Bolt Action pretty much every weekend of the year. Sometimes, however, you might just get the itch to do it yourself – there’s not a lot more satisfying than organising an event that gives like-minded wargamers a great time, and the beauty of running your own is you can have it exactly the way you want it. Don’t fancy using Tiger Fear? Got a hankering to play a few missions from your favourite Campaign book? The world is your oyster!

Putting on a tournament for the first (or hundredth) time can be a daunting affair, but fear not – I’m here to help! In addition to being a dashing author with excellent hair (this is quite the dubious claim -ed.), I’m also the new Tournament Coordinator for the UK and EU, which means it’s my job to assist tournament organisers (TOs) in putting on the best events possible! Whether you’re a first-time TO looking for advice and guidance, or a veteran organiser on the hunt for some prize support, simply drop an email to and ask for Marcus! For those across the pond, fear not – the inestimable Jon Russell handles all American events, and has access to all of the same support as me! To get in touch with him, simply use the above e-mail and ask for Jon!

One of the first questions asked by many potential players is “will there be prizes?” – nothing seems to get the competitive juices flowing like some plastic goodies up for grabs! I’m a firm believer in rewarding good sportsmanship and skilful play, and as such we’ve completely overhauled our prize support system to ensure that every event is supported fairly, and in a timely fashion. This new system works on a series of ‘tiers’ – very simply, the more players you’ve got at your event, the more prize support you’ll receive. No matter whether you’re running an ultra-competitive slugfest or faithfully recreating a particular historical engagement, so long as you’ve got at least eight players, we’ll be happy to support you!  

One of the pieces of support that I’m really excited about is the new Events Special Figure. This model is exclusively available through Warlord-supported events, starting at Tier Two (minimum 18 players). The bigger the event, the more special figures will be in the support pack! For 2022/23, the special figure will be Major Erwin König, of Enemy at the Gates fame. Studio Sculptor Wojtek Flis has done an amazing job on this brand-new figure, complemented by a stunning paintjob from Studio Painter Kirsten Williams. He’ll make a perfect sniper for any later-war German force, and the only way to get your hands on him is to get out and play!

The Bolt Action tournament community is absolutely fantastic, and there are tons of people out there willing to help new and existing TOs put on the best event possible – we’re always happy to help connect people to the wider community, and signpost them towards any resources they may need. Our revamped events website also helps showcase upcoming events, so players never have to miss a tournament in their area (or further afield) again!

With this new system of support in place, it’s never been easier to run your own Bolt Action event – what’re you waiting for? Remember, play fair, play hard, but above all – have fun!

    1. It’s a bit big to put in an article or a comment, but ping us an email and I’ll happily go over the tiers with you (and anyone else)!

  1. whaouuu, il y a maintenant 7 ans de ça que je connais ce jeu grâce au HQ warlord games et je vous en remercie !
    de plus je vois que vous avez choisi notre photo de notre participation avec les garçons du Bolt Action Paris (5 joueurs) au big tournoi 2019 et ça c’est super cool !
    à très bientôt !
    Zou ou mister 6

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