This Highland battalia forms a part of a larger Montrose army I have been working on for some time. Although the Irish Brigade tends to get most of the attention when it comes to this army, I think it is this battalia that gives it the most flavour.

The core is made up of clansmen regiments. Drawn from Camerons, Macloads, Gordons and of course Macdonalds, this can provide a hammer blow to disrupt the best laid of enemy plans. Getting them in fast is essential, and although they will not offer support to each other in combat, they often don’t need to.

The regular highlander regiment is a real favourite of mine. It represents Col. James Farquharson of Inverey’s regiment, which was raised in the Gordon controlled Upper Deeside area. Armed with a more orthodox array of pike and musket, this regiment saw action at Alford, Kilsyth and probably Auldearn. The flag shown is that of Donald Farquharson of Monaltrie who raised and led the regiment originally until his death at Aberdeen, whereupon James was raised to Colonel.

The figures are a combination of the Highland Clansmen box set (complete with cheeky chap baring his backside) and the Arrant Scum (brilliantly characterful sculpts) and Regular Highlander packs. The battalia is rounded off by a Scots Frame Gun and a Commander.

Basing has been done largely in groups of 4, but the very nature of the Clansmen regiments means that you can have fun mixing things up a bit.

Build Your Own Highlander Regiment

Below are all the miniatures used to create the battalia as shown:

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  1. I live literally a stones throw from where the battle of Aberdeen took place. Ugh…this was an expensive article for me to read! 😉

  2. A fabulous looking force for a really interesting army in this period. It probably will not always win, but it will always be fun!

    1. Steve is a really good guy to talk to about 17th century. I have ECW, and Italian Renn. I’m thinking about doing TYW and Polish. I really love the era and PandS I think captures it in a fun playable way@

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