Everyone hates the Romans – even (especially!) other Romans! This is simply a fact. It’s also a fact that it’s the duty of all freedom-loving Gauls to resist the Romans at all times (weren’t you championing the Romans a couple of weeks ago? -ed.) The Clash of Heroes SPQR Starter Set is a great place to start, even if it does include some Romans – perfect for casualties to decorate your bases!

Sadly, the Romans are as ubiquitous as they are annoying – they just get everywhere. If not dealt with promptly, they can and will multiply and increase their forces. An unwary chieftain will quickly find themselves outnumbered and overmatched if they do not raise further troops. Fortunately, your noble brothers and sisters make excellent warriors when used properly, fighting for hearth and home against the Roman plague.

The core of your warband, as found in the Starter Set, are your warriors. These bands of stalwart fighters are incredibly versatile, as they can fulfil a wide variety of battlefield roles based on the equipment you give them. Given spears, helmets, and chainmail shirts they can go toe-to-toe with the heavily-armoured Romans in protracted melees, and with up to three javelins per warrior they can provide a useful secondary missile capability for your force. In this warlord’s opinion, however, the best way to send your warriors into battle is Skyclad (that’s naked – sans armour & clothing)! Trust in the gods and sheer ferocity for protection and reap the benefits of a +1 to melee checks. It’s amazing what a bit of warpaint and self-confidence can do!

While your Warriors will likely make up the bulk of your forces, sometimes you need to bring in more specialised forces to counter whatever ‘clever’ new tactic the arrogant Romans have dreamt up this week. There’s no need to hire dishonourable mercenaries though – the Gaul warband list has more or less everything you could need already covered!

If speed and combat power are called for, look no further than your Horsemen! These wealthy nobles may like to flaunt their riches, but on the battlefield they can be absolutely deadly. Much like your Warriors, they can also be upgraded to perform a wide variety of roles. With helmets and chainmail shirts, they make for great shock cavalry, perfect for smashing through unprepared infantry. Alternatively, give them leather armour and a couple of javelins each and set them loose around your enemy’s flanks, to harass missile units and those pesky Scorpions.              

Even the poor of your tribe can make useful soldiers – the Tribesmen will serve as your primary missile troops. Using either bows or slings to rain down hell upon the Romans, they aren’t as tough or courageous as their wealthier brethren, and so benefit from large units to take advantage of the Strength in Numbers rule. Plentiful and affordable, these oft-underestimated troops can deliver a nasty surprise to any overconfident or arrogant Romans (i.e. all of them).

The dogs of war aren’t just a rude name for mercenaries – with the War Dogs unit you can bring your four-legged friends to battle! Fierce, loyal to the tribe, and with a taste for Roman flesh, these slavering beasts make excellent linebreakers and harassers, as their Let Slip the Dogs of War rule boosts their movement when charging. A large pack of these furry fiends in your warband will be sure to have any Roman general wondering “quis canes dimisit?

Finally, for those occasions when physical methods fail, there are the terrifying and mysterious Druids (One can be found in the Heroes set, for more variety Hail Caesar Druids will do very nicely). Unleash their dark magics upon the interlopers, use their Blight rule to weaken enemy heroes, and inspire your troops with their powerful incantations. They’ll be certain to send the Romans scurrying home with their tails between their legs!

Put on your war paint, take up your weapons… maybe keep your kit on, though! It’s time to muster the might of Gaul and declare, once and for all – Romanes Eunt Domus! (People called ‘Romanes’ they go the house? -Ed.)

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  1. Greetings!

    I´ve been fighting romans for a while now and want to include Dogs as one of my units, but it is not clear to me how they are fielded (i.e. how many dogs / handler per point cost). Could anyone please clarify this? Thanks!

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