The generals of the Volgan war-droids are a mirror to the ABC Warriors, powerful robots with, in many cases, powers and abilities comparable to their hated foes, but whereas Hammerstein and his band of do-gooders aim to “increase the peace” across the barren red sands and industrial metropolises of the red planet, all these dastardly droids do is in service to the dread Volkhan, Ikon of Ikons!

Blackblood – The Evillest Son of a Bitch in the Valley

Perhaps the most feared of all Volgan War-droids, General Blackblood is a sadistic killer, a deadly tactician, and a devout disciple of Volkhan. Leader of the infamous straw dogs, Blackblood was central to some of the most diabolical orchestrations of the Volgan war machine in the days of the Volgan war, even going so far as to developing a penchant for drinking the oil of fallen ABC Warriors.

At the Battle of Vladivostock, 2081, Blackblood first heard of he who would become his most-hated foe. With Hammerstein warriors mercilessly gunned and melted down despite their surrender, their commander, the human Colonel Leyton, was interrogated by Blackblood. Within the Colonel’s diary Blackblood came across the phrase ‘The general public should be told what is really going on’, leading to the immortal question “Who is General Public?”

When Leyton could not answer to Blackblood’s satisfaction, the temperamental General executed him on the spot, in blatant disregard for the rules governing the treatment of human prisoners under the Geneva Convention (incidentally the convention gave no such value to the lives of robot prisoners). And thus, was born a lifelong, insatiable obsession of whom Blackblood deemed the most devious of all his foes, the enigmatic General Public.

In spite of his appalling war record, Blackblood was targeted for recruitment into the ABC Warriors team by the mysterious Colonel Lash, and with the sniping skills of Joe Pineapples, Blackblood was taken down, captured and reprogrammed (an act which resulted in Blackblood’s particular hatred for Pineapples). Such was the depth of his loyalty to Volkhan, and the boundless treachery that sat deep within his core programming, that it was not long before he betrayed his newfound teammates. By sowing distrust within the team, and setting an unwitting Mek Quake on his next ‘big job’ to liberate Volkan from Broadband Asylum on Mars, Blackblood set in motion a chain of events that would see a robot uprising and a Volgan War briefly resurgent on Mars.

Blackblood contemplates carnage and treachery. “My cup runneth over! SSSS!”

Blackblood may not be the most durable war-droid on the tabletop, but he fights just as well as Hammerstein both in close-quarters and at range, and is much more agile than most of the ABC Warriors, thanks to a Move stat of 6” and an Evade stat of 2. He makes up for his comparative lack of ‘heavy’ weaponry through his implementation of fear tactics. Capable of analysing and exploiting any weakness, Blackblood’s Hangman special rule sees him up his power when exploiting an enemy’s Metal Fatigue. Just don’t put him near any Floppy models (friend or foe!) or they might just lose their Cool. He can also call upon his nearby allies to soak up any attacks he doesn’t fancy enduring himself. There are some perks to being an unconscionable leader after all (not that we at Warlord condone such a tactic!).

“You have no idea what a strain it was having to listen to the A.B.C. Warrior’s ssssanctimonious notions of “increasing the peace”.”

Remember that, although treacherous to the core, Blackblood was a member of the ABC Warriors for a time, so there’s absolutely no reason you couldn’t have him on the side of the angels for a game or two – so long as the ABC Warriors watch their backs!

Ghengiz – Volgan Veteran

Ghengiz originates from the same assembly line that built the very first Volgan war robot, ‘Old Horny’. Ghengiz’s pair of Blazer Swords are deadly up close and at range, capable of projecting deadly energy bolts, though his preference is to be up close and personal.

In close-quarters combat, the energised blades cause a -1 negative modifier to Ghengiz’s foes Resist stat. Blessed with relatively high Resist himself, and an Evade of 2 (it’s unusual for robots to be this agile), he is a capable fighter bolstered by the Brawler special rule and the potential to inflict multiple Metal Fatigue markers on his victims when he rolls to hit. A war-droid you’ll want to engage at range wherever possible, but beware of projectile energy bolts!

Raz-Putin – Upstart Khaos Magister

Many Volgan war-droids were designed and built specifically to counter and surpass the capabilities of a specific ABC Warrior. Raz-Putin is one such design, a practitioner in Gnostic magics supposedly more advanced in the mystic arts than the ABC Warrior, Deadlock.

Raz-Putin wields two swords of black light, suffused with magic energies. These Electro blades are already extremely effective against enemy robots, but with the added Mystic special rule, you can discard up to three tarot cards from hand to even more positive modifiers when attacking. Even more handy Raz-Putin comes stock with the Lord of the Arcane special rule, not only allowing you a larger hand of tarot cards than normal, but affording you the opportunity to Summon Power as a single action, which potentially brings more cards to your hand. Tarot cards can have powerful effects on the battle in their own right, but with the added ability to discard and boost Raz-Putin’s close-combat prowess, they become doubly useful.

Volkhan, Ikon of Ikons, rallies his ‘men of steel’ to battle.

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