Our top agents have been working hard to gather as much data as possible on Achtung Panzer!, the brand-new game of WW2 tank combat. Here are all the intelligence reports gathered thus far:

Report 01:

  • 28mm Scale – Achtung Panzer! is a 28mm scale game, meaning you can make use of our extensive range of WW2 armoured vehicles and your existing Bolt Action collections!

Report 02:

  • Platoon Level Game – Usually played with between two and six vehicles per side, Achtung Panzer! is an ideal platoon-level game that can be played on a kitchen table in under two hours.
  • Ideal for Group Games – Achtung Panzer! fully supports games with more than one player per side, and works particularly well for large group games, with each player controlling a single tank!

Report 03:

  • Asset and Events Cards – Achtung Panzer!’s Asset and Event cards ensure that no two games are ever the same, allowing you to introduce powerful support to the table, or counter your opponent’s plans, allowing you to alter the course of battle when it matters most. Every terrain feature might also harbour an enemy asset, so it’s always a good idea to ‘brass up’ that suspicious-looking hedgerow!

Report 04:

  • Make Use of Terrain – Issue your movement orders and have your driver advance to counter the enemy – but make sure to make good use of the dense terrain to protect your vulnerable sides and rear! Achtung Panzer! is best played with plenty of battlefield scenery for a brilliant tactical challenge.
  • Spot & Identify Your Targets – Mark your targets and be certain of your aim before ordering your gunner to fire – Achtung Panzer! rewards careful shooting over ‘spray and pray’ – but you never know when a lucky shot might turn the tide. Don’t forget to select the right ammunition for the task at hand!

Report 05:

  • Crew & Campaigns – Your crews will be key to your success in Achtung Panzer! Make sure to assign your most capable crews to the right tasks, and don’t throw them away in a rash attack – the campaign system means you’ll want to keep them alive as they gain experience and capabilities across multiple engagements.

Pre-orders available from warlordgames.com starting 16th February 2024.

  1. Really excited for this, sounds great. The “Ideal for group games” part instantly made me think of running a campaign where each person creates their own tank crew.

  2. Sounds interesting, why all the secrecy about things like box art, game mechanics, price point, maybe even a picture of the game in testing? I am interested but would like more information.

    1. This sounds like a tank only set of rules. Can it substitute/integrate with Bolt Action to replace that set’s armor rules?
      Ground scale the same as Bolt Action?

  3. Please give us something to work with rather than vague information, some pictures of play testing to start with would help

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