Germany was one of the first nations to use rift tech in the development of heavy personal armour. Its effectiveness swiftly led to the principles being copied by other nations, sometimes to better effect. Nevertheless, the Wehrmacht heavy infantry remain a potent and feared force to encounter on the battlefields of Konflikt ’47. Nachladen!, our Soldier of Fortune for February 2023 is a brand new sculpt, depicting one of these well-equipped soldiers mid-reload!

Albrecht Kühn

Oberfeldwebel Albrecht Kühn is a veteran of Operation Barbarossa and one of the few Germans to survive and escape the unforgiving battles around Budapest in 1946. It was in the lethal streets of that urban conflict that Eisensturmtruppe (Iron Stormtrooper) Kühn, in his newly issued riss-wissen Vollständigpanzerrüstung (Rift-tech fully armoured body armour) came face-to-face with Soviet Ursus Infantry and Siberian Terror Squads.

Doctrine for the Stg44 was to use short bursts of fire, but against such monstrosities, Kühn quickly learned that such weak firepower was insufficient to stop the terrors. Instead, to survive against such beasts, Kühn began trigger-locking his weapon, emptying his entire magazine into them to stop them dead. Despite several Platoon leaders trying to curb Kühn’s excesses, Kühn continues to blazes away with maniacal glee at every enemy.

Eisensturmtruppe Kühn can replace the NCO in a single Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry Squad for +5 pts. To represent his excessive use of ammunition, Kühn’s Assault Rifle has 3 Shots instead of the normal 2 Shots.

This new model is one of the first to be cast in our newly refined ‘Warlord Resin PlusTM‘ material. This new formula has the feel of a hard plastic model, whilst retaining a small amount of springiness, and can be clipped, filed, scraped or cut with ease. In fact you can treat it exactly like a metal model except it’s much lighter, less liable to snap or chip, and you don’t even need to undercoat or varnish it! Needless to say, figures cast in this new material are superbly detailed – we can’t wait for you to get your hands on one and see for yourselves.

The Nachladen! Wehrmacht Heavy Infantryman figure will be automatically included for FREE with all Warlord Webstore orders of £50/$75/€60 or more placed during the month of February 2023. This is the only way to get hold of this figure. It will not be available for purchase separately. This offer only applies on orders placed between 00.01 (GMT) 1st February and 23.59 (GMT) 28th February 2023.

“Gruppe, Nachladen!”

Lead Your Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry Squads to Victory

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