Hail Caesar Epic Battles: The Punic Wars is coming, and its arrival is heralded by the thunderous tread of gigantic, war-ready pachyderms. That’s right – we’re talking elephants! The cornerstone of any Carthaginian force, these mighty mammals were something we’ve been incredibly excited to show off, and today we’ll be taking a look at them up close and personal! Let’s check out the new Carthaginian War Elephants sprue!

Hail Caesar Epic Battles- Carthaginian War Elephant Plastic Sprue
Hail Caesar Epic Battles - Carthaginian War Elephant Assembly Diagram

Right off the bat, you can see that you get a pair of awesome plastic elephants on each sprue – deployed two per base, they form the basic unit (herd, perhaps?) in Hail Caesar Epic Battles, perfect for trampling your foes and driving them before you. Turns out that Romans don’t much like being squished – who’d’ve thought? Each elephant is made of six components (two body halves, ears, head, and two howdah panels) which fit together nice and simply, and in no time at all, you’ve got an elephant – and then another, and another, and another…

Now you’ve got your elephant assembled, it’s ready to bimble off into the countryside and do… whatever it is that elephants do when they’re bored. That won’t do – this is a war elephant, and as such it needs some warriors to carry into battle, and a mahout (driver) to tell it where to go! Each sprue contains a pair of mahouts, as well as five different Carthaginian soldiers (two with bows, two with long pikes, and one with an armful of javelins) who can be mounted however you like, meaning no two elephants need ever look quite the same, and any Romans who come too near will get an unpleasant (and rather pointy) reception!

Hail Caesar Epic Battles - Carthaginian War Elephants Crew
“My spear’s longer than yours!”

The detail on these sprues is frankly mind-boggling, and they look like they’re going to be both really easy and really fun to paint up. When we first got word that Hail Caesar Epic Battles was coming, I immediately thought “well, obviously I’ll do a Roman army, I do like a good Roman army”. Having seen the War Elephant sprue, as well as the other Carthaginian and Allied Troops sprues, I’m starting to think that I’m going to need some elephants in my life as well!

Hail Caesar Epic Battles = Roman Velites retreat from Carthaginian War Elephants charging.
Roman Velites scatter before the war elephants’ charge!

One of the real joys of Epic Battles armies is that you can field loads of units! Whereas in 28mm, you might have one or two elephants in your force, in Hail Caesar Epic Battles, you can bring literally dozens to the tabletop – without needing to invest in a whole new room in your house to keep them in! With a dozen (or more!) elephants thundering across the table, you’re sure to put the frighteners on all the Roman players in your gaming group, and your menagerie will be the envy of the Mediterranean! You can get yours in the Hannibal battle set, Hannibal Barca’s Carthaginian Army boxed set, and their standalone Carthaginian War Elephants boxed set – there really is no excuse for being pachydermically deficient!

Carthaginian War Elephants

Hail Caesar Epic Battles - Carthaginian War Elephants boxed set

Hannibal Barca’s Carthaginian Army

Hail Caesar Epic Battles - Hannibal Barca's Carthaginian Army
Want to put the upstart Romans in their place and remind them who really rules the Mediterranean? Of course you do – and the Hannibal Barca’s Carthaginian Army boxed set will give you the tools you need to do it on the Hail Caesar Epic Battles tabletop! Packed with the many and varied units of the Carthaginian army and their allies, this army box lets you field a force that’s both epic in scale and full of fantastic variety, presenting amazing hobby opportunities. Oh, and did we mention the elephants?!

Hannibal Battle Set Pre-Order Bonus – Poor Perished Pachyderm

Hail Caesar Epic Battles - Poor Perished Pachyderm Pre-Order Exclusive Miniatures

Alas, mighty as they were, war elephants were not invincible. You’ll receive this exclusive Poor Perished Pachyderm model only when you pre-order the Hannibal battle set, or multiples in bundles which contain the Hannibal battle set. Use them to dress a battlefield or as casualty markers for your Carthaginian elephant corps.

Hail Caesar Epic Battles - Hannibal battle set
The Hannibal battle set is so absolutely bursting with miniatures, that we couldn’t possibly fit them all in one single image – 188 bases worth of infantry – that’s, 3,010 soldiers, 56 bases of cavalry (220 soldiers), 32 mounted commanders/standard bearers, and 8 elephants (with 8 riders and 20 crewmen)! That’s not to mention an exclusive MDF scenery piece and the full rulebook!
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