Soldiers, sailors, and airmen, listen up – it’s time for your weekly briefing on the state of Operation Critical Hit! The third week has seen heavy fighting across the globe, and the war hangs in the balance. Here’s how it stands at present:

North-West Europe
Eastern Front

The number of each hex shows the points accrued by the winning side, remember it’s three points for a win and a single point for a draw.

For a while there, it really looked like the Axis was going to continue their gradual comeback, but with the balance of power tipping dramatically in the Pacific theatre – notably Japanese fleets did not dominate this week in games of Victory at Sea! With their continuing to secure a strong holding across land, sea and air in Europe, this week the Allies have secured their strongest result thus far, with 58% of the contested territory.

However, it’s interesting to note that in all of the hundreds upon hundreds of games played, the overall victory rate for Bolt Action is pretty even – with the Allies clinching it by a margin of just 11. Meanwhile, the Allies are having an even better time of it in Blood Red Skies, whilst the Axis retain a slight edge in Victory at Sea overall.

This all means that the scales could still tip! A couple of strong weeks for the Axis could see their final victory, and it might prove folly to predict anything at this stage! It really is all in your hands!

There’s still time to get involved with the campaign. Just visit the Operation Critical Hit website, register and you can join the global Warlord Games community. Perhaps your game result will be the one to dramatically tip the balance of power?

Now it’s time for your mission brief – pay close attention!

Week Four Scenarios

Bolt Action: Get ready to secure that intel – Week four’s mission for Bolt Action is Top Secret (page 138 of your rulebook)! With both sides desperate to secure any advantage they can, this is a golden opportunity to seize the upper hand in the land war.

Blood Red Skies: In the air, it’s a Surprise Attack from page 62 of Air Strike! All across the frontlines, daring low-level bomber raids crisscross the skies, seeking to disrupt enemy formations and destroy valuable supplies. Can you lead the bombers to victory, or marshal your fighters to send them down in flames?

Victory at Sea: For Week Four’s games of Victory at Sea, the mission conditions will be Destroy! vs Last Stand from the War at Sea generator on pages 54-55 of the Victory at Sea rulebook. Enemy fleet elements have been isolated and brought to battle – but nothing is more dangerous than a cornered foe!

Week Three Victory Bonus: Remember, as the winners of Week Three, Allied fleets may make use of six free Observation Flights in games of Victory at Sea this week – perfect for tracking down the foe!

Weekly Victory Bonus

When Week Four concludes and we head into the final stages of the campaign, there’s an extra special reward available for games that take place in the last week of the campaign. All players on the side that wins Week Four will receive a single free re-roll of any one dice to use as they deem at any point during the game. This applies whether you’re playing Bolt Action, Victory at Sea, or Blood Red Skies – perfect for those last-ditch heroics! Standard fare applies though – you may not re-roll a re-roll!

Let’s take a look at the current state of the maps, and which hexes are active for Week Four of Operation Critical Hit.:

Hex Map Key
North-West Europe
Eastern Front

Make sure to report your Week Four results by midday on 8th September!

Share Your War Stories

Keep those intelligence reports and photographs coming in, soldiers – they’re vital to the war effort! Make sure to read the weekly intelligence bulletin too – “War Stories” is where we feature the fruits of your labour and highlight the best tabletop action you’ve sent in each week! You can also head over to the dedicated Facebook group to share your stories, but remember – careless talk costs lives, and you never know when a future opponent might be listening to glean some knowledge of your tactics!

  1. Question about the next week bonus.
    If I have this one free die, can I use it once in every game?
    If I start the next game, will I have only one cube in it too?

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