The enhanced infantry programmes born of the rift-tech facilities in Dresden has borne extremely effective, though horrifically grisly, results. It is not known what humanity – if any – remains in these abominations. Their very presence strikes fear into Allied and Soviet forces across the hardest fought battlefields on both east and west fronts. Even the most battle-hardened soul dreads an encounter with one of these terrors in the dead of night.

Nachtjäger Assault Squad

Currently the pinnacle of the soldier enhancement division, the Nachtjäger is no longer truly human, with the DNA of reptiles, bats, and alligators merged into a horrific creation. No one knows if the subjects for this programme are volunteers, but their effect on the battlefield is without question. The very existence of Nachtjäger alters Allied planning and reports of their presence are always taken seriously by intelligence staffs. The Nachtjäger are unleashed wherever the fighting is fiercest, inflicting devastation upon the enemy and crushing morale in one fell, bloody swoop.

Nachtalben Squad

Using technology derived from the dreaded Nachtjäger programme, the scientists at Dresden’s Rift-tech labs have stabilised a quicker, less dramatic DNA enhancement process capable of effective results. Closely tied to the Nachtjägers, these ‘night-demon’ infantry are enhanced with some but not all of the Nachtjäger’s gifts, creating very effective infantry with fewer of the bestial drawbacks and training costs associated with their larger cousins. Capable of using weaponry and trained to fully exploit their enhanced senses and capabilities, the Nachtalben squads are used as elite reconnaissance troops attached to SS and other specialist units.

Rules for the Nachtalben can be found in the Defiance supplement.

Schreckwulfen Squad

Less controversial than the animated corpse programme, the soldier enhancement division at Dresden has worked tirelessly to enhance German soldiers with the DNA of animals to radically improve their fighting ability. One of the more stable and successful projects combines human and canine DNA, with the result of a warrior that resembles the mythological werewolf. Deployed for the first time in early 1945, their impact was immediate and from the Allies point of view, terrifying.

Those Less Fortunate – Die Totenkorps

The animated corpses of the Totenkorps divide military opinion, whilst an ethical affront to even military minds, their impact on the battlefield and role in saving Germany in 1944 cannot be denied. The Korps now often finds itself held in reserve until required, normally kept as a weapon of last resort under the most fanatical and loyal SS Commanders.

Get Started with Germans in the Weird War

The Weird War of Konflikt ’47 introduces a slew of new units and technology to the Bolt Action rule system. In addition to DNA enhanced infantry, the resurgent German army can field well equipped, well-led and well-trained units. Although often heavily outnumbered, technology, superb training, leadership, and aggressive tactics remain the German soldier’s best friend.

This starter set is an ideal starting point, with a great variety of units including the dreaded reanimated Totenkorps, as well as the rulebook to get you started playing right away.

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  1. Nachtjaeger are great! If you can catch a tank before it moves, they can literally tear it apart. I try to go with a unit of 3-4. The wings of these metal figures are heavy and I have a hard time keeping them on….
    The Schreckwulfen were my first interest. They’re “fast” and wicked in close combat. but the best bet is to have them assault out of a halftrack. If you can get past the ridiculous amount of MGs the “Cheaty British” have, they’ll whoop up on the Automatons….

    Nachtalben are my favorite! I load up the unit with panzerfausts and AT grenades and the Fast, Behind Enemy Lines and Elite abilities can make them a real game changer….

    The Totenkorps are a little tricky to use well. They’re cheap so you can field a LOT, but they move slow. The end up catching a lot of bullets if they have to advance long distance in an attack. I prefer to move them forward in a vehicle. It’d be nice if someone at Warlord Games figured out that Germans also had heavy trucks that could carry 24 men. Totenkorps are useful in defense, when the enemy has to come to them….

    Just one gamers $.02,

    L.T. Russell

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