This March, Forgotten & Glorious miniatures will be forgotten no more! Their much-missed range of American Civil War figures has been safely in our care since the company closed, and we’ve been working on updating and improving it over the last couple of years. Now they’re ready to get back into action on the tabletop, with a few important updates and additions! First into the fray are two regiments – one advancing and the other in a firing line – and the artillery battery.

Marching back into service comes the fantastic American Civil War range from Forgotten & Glorious.

First and foremost, these miniatures initially saw service in metal, but have now been brought squarely into the 21st Century in our fantastic Warlord Resin. This innovative material showcases and enhances the crisp detail of the original sculpts, while being incredibly easy to work with, breathing new life into these beloved figures. The new box artworks are fantastic additions to any display shelf in their own right, and we’ve also added a few extra goodies to the boxes to really maximise the potential of the models. First up is a full-colour flag sheet allowing you to represent a range of famous Union and Confederate regiments in all their martial glory, along with a cap badge transfer sheet to let you properly ‘dress’ your mens’ kepis – when combined with a simple but effective paintjob for either side, this allows you to get a fantastic looking unit on the table with ease – especially since many of them are single-piece miniatures; no long assembly process here!

We firmly believe that no unit in any ‘rank and flank’ wargame is complete without a banner or two! Yes, we do know that most Confederate regiments only carried a single standard, but many wargamers like the option of two – and we subscribe to that notion!

Also included in each of the Regiment boxes is a length of MDF ‘snake’ fencing. Also known as ‘split-rail’, these ubiquitous free-standing fences would become a hallmark of the Eastern theatre of the American Civil War, and feature prominently in many of the most famous early battlefield photography of the conflict. One of the easiest ways to ‘dress’ a generic grassy gaming table to immediately create a very specific American Civil War feeling is to scatter these fences around liberally – and luckily there’s a set in every box, allowing you to quickly populate your battlefield and create instant terrain features to fight over! Optional rules for employing them as cover and much more besides can be found in the Glory, Hallelujah! supplement, the bible for all things American Civil War in Black Powder.

‘Napoleons’, Parrott Rifles, and more can be made using the Artillery Battery set.
Get one of these infantry commanders free only when you purchase one of the Warlord Webstore bundles below.

Whether your preference is for troops on the march, or a firing line bristling with rifle-muskets at the ready, we’ve got you covered with these two boxed sets, while artillery enthusiasts are well catered for with the 3-gun battery set which includes a wide range of barrel options to mix and match your ordnance. With these fantastic figures available as single regiment boxes or in great-value brigade bundles, it’s never been quicker or easier to get an American Civil War force on the tabletop – no matter which side you’re fielding!

American Civil War Collection
Infantry Brigade (Firing Line)
Infantry Brigade (Advancing)
Artillery Battalion

This is just the beginning… there’s a lot more American Civil War goodness from the extensive Forgotten & Glorious back catalogue that we’ll be releasing in due course, including characters and more regiments – keep an eye on our newsletter and social media to stay abreast of all the latest news on this and other fronts!

Forgotten no more – talk about a triumphant return to the tabletop!  

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